What is Fiberglass Swimming Pool? | How to Install, Pros and Cons

Fiberglass is a molten glass drawn into a thin fiber with a diameter about 0.005 mm – 0.01 mm. The fibers can be spun into yarn which is impregnated with resin in order to become a powerful material. Furthermore, the corrosion resistance is used for swimming pool, automobile bodies, or may be ship building.  The material is also used as a strengthened agent for lots of polymer products. Moreover, the resulting material is known as glass-fiber reinforced epoxy (GRE) or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). That is called “fiberglass” in general usage.

What is Fiberglass Swimming Pool?


Fiberglass swimming pool
credit: Aichi expo


According to the explanation above, the fiberglass swimming pool is made from the smooth material which is good to install at your backyards. With use the fiberglass pool, you do not bother to prepare a lot of material in building the pool. Actually, the fiberglass swimming pool is very recommended for you even less you have the small site in at yard.


The Advantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pool

     1. Easy Maintenance

The fiberglass swimming pool comes with the easy to maintain and treatment especially when it’s compared to the concrete pool. Actually, you do not have to clean the pool regularly, because the pool with the fiberglass can keep the swimming pool well.


      2. Avoid the Accident

Certainly, you have ever heard the accident such as a sprain, sore feet and slip into the swimming pool. Yeah.. It often happens in the concrete swimming pool that has a slippery tile.

Furthermore, when you are playing the volleyball in a concrete pool more than 20 minutes, you do not feel the feet suffer. Because the fiberglass has a smooth and soft surface and reduce the algae growth like a concrete pool, so, your toes do not get bloody.


     3. Working Well with Salt Chlorine

Many people complain that the salt chlorine generator does not work in concrete or metal swimming pool surface. It is caused by the salt chlorine can scrape and damage the plaster finish immediately. That is the reason why people prefer the fiberglass swimming pool than the concrete pool. The fiberglass can work with the salt chlorine generator to keep the pool well.


        4. No Acid Washing Needed

The fiberglass swimming pool actually does not need the replace the vinyl liner for few years. Unlike the concrete pool that has to replace the liner and need an acid wash in every few years. Many concrete pools should be resurfaced about 15 years to get working well again.


       5. Easy Installation

The last benefit of fiberglass swimming pool, it is very easy in installing. You just install the fiberglass into the pool without thinking any fears. When the weather is cool or hot, the fiberglass pool cannot broken or wreak havoc like the concrete pool. For the installation, you just but the fiberglass swimming pool in available store, then, place it on the site where you want. It is so simple pool, isn’t it?


The Disadvantages of Fiberglass Swimming Pool


Fiberglass swimming pool
credit: gappsi


     1. The expensive Cost

If it is compared with the concrete pool, of course, the fiberglass pool has the expensive cost. The cost includes the fiberglass pool, algae killing chemical, free chemical substance, salt chlorine generator and others.

     2. The site Access

Actually, to install the fiberglass in the backyard, the access should be adequate to transport the crane or truck. So, you have to provide the easy access to your home if you’re installing the fiberglass pool.

     3. The Deep of Pool

The fiberglass has offers the certain depth pool that is maximum 14-feet wide and 8-feet depth. So, you can get a pool with a more depth.


How to Install the Fiberglass Swimming Pool

We also share you the tutorial video how to install the fiberglass swimming pool for detail.

Here is the step that we explain step-by-step.

The things you need:

  1. Fiberglass pool
  2. PVC pipe
  3. Sand
  4. A spirit level
  5. Shovel
  6. Measuring tape
  7. Swimming pool pump
  8. Needed equipment such as goggles and gloves
  9. Measuring tape


The Step to Install Fiberglass Swimming Pool

1. Choose your Zone

The important thing that you have to so is to choose the site to be a swimming pool. The first step, measure the site based on the size of pool that you want. Make sure to choose the site that has a good level ground. Because when you choose ragged ground actually will get ragged finish. Then, mark the area using the tape and some string.

2. Digging

After you marked the site and measure it, now, we start digging the ground using the shovel. Do not forget to apply the gloves when you hold the shovel. Then, dig the soil where the pool built and fill the slit with the sand. Actually, the versatile and soft sand base will help holding the swimming pool. Certainly, make the hole based on the dimensions that is not too small or big. When you do not dig as same as the first step, you can fill it if you want.

3. Placing the Pool

Here is called the hard step. Why?  Because it is needed the accuracy in installing the pool to avoid the installation fails. You should do manually if the pool supplier does not provide the service. But don’t worry, begin with applying the gloves and goggles, use the lifting equipment to place the pool easier into the base. Furthermore, it is better to use the spirit level to ensure the pool sits level in order to not get the high or low on one side.

4. Installing the Pump

The next step is installing the pump. You have to use the gloves when you are digging a hole at the end of the pool. Actually, the big enough for pool pump is a great way. Follow the instruction how to install the pool pump to get it running. Then, connect the PVC pipe to the one of end pump. Certainly, it must be the adaptor prepared. The drainage should be far away from the pool to avoid the water disposal back into the pool. Moreover, you can spread the gravel around the a hole remainder to get more aesthetically looks.

5. Adding the Chemical Free 

The last step, you have to add the free chemical substance after filling the pool with water. Please control the drainage at least 3 times by turning on the pump. Then, let stand the pool to resolve the base about 24 – 36 hours. After a specified time, you can use the fiberglass swimming pool as satisfied as possible.

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