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A backyard patio always gives more comfort to your home sweet home. It adds more space that everyone can enjoy to do a lot of activities from the simple afternoon tea time to a fun outdoor party. Moreover, a patio will also increase the value of your living space.

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Decorating a patio with some plants is always a great idea since they don’t only give a natural attractive touch but also a fresh atmosphere around. Plants flow really with the outdoor surrounding of a patio.

Commonly, there are two ways of adding plants to the decor of a patio that is independently planted or potted. They work to complement the pieces of furniture and other outdoor accessories which are must-have stuff for a backyard patio.

Beautifying a backyard patio with some plants may sound easy, but reading some guides to creating a gorgeous result is definitely a wise thing to do. You can create a perfect outdoor living space that looks and feels inviting for everyone.

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In this article, we share with you a simple guide of how to decorate patio with plants that will totally inspire you.

How to Decorate Patio with Plants

How to Decorate Patio with Plants

Of course, you need to prepare some beautiful plants or, at least have some kind of reference of what kinds of plants that you want to add to your beloved patio. It would be a great way to visualize of how your outdoor space will look like.

Create a Color Scheme

Decorating your patio with all-green plants maybe not be really bad, but listing some flowers to the decor is a way more attractive option. If you’d like to do so, you can start by creating a color scheme that matches the overall look of your house. Some vibrant flowers like sunflowers, verbena, and marigolds can work well for you who love a hot color palette.

Add More Privacy

Once you have something that mainly works to beautify the space, it’s time to give a more functional feature. Consider planting some trees can give you some privacy to enhance the comfort around. Evergreen trees are the most popular option when it comes to adding privacy to a patio.

Consider the Maintenance

If you are the ones who are not willing enough to maintain those plants that need regular maintenance, some alternative options like succulent are the best. They don’t require complicated maintenance at all and look attractive all the time.

Container gardening

Using a container to group your plants is also an easier option. You can take care of them easier and move them here and there.

Invite the Butterflies

This may not sound like an important thing to think about, but watching the butterflies flying around your patio is truly an exhilarating experience. Some plants like butterfly bush, verbena, and zinnias will invite those gorgeous butterflies to your outdoor living space.

Happy decorating your beloved backyard patio!

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