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Adding some chaise lounges to your swimming pool area is definitely a good idea. You can have a relaxing time under the bright sunlight before jumping into the pool or dry up your body after.

How to Choose Poolside Chaise Lounge
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Before you purchase some, it would be great for you to find out what makes a chaise lounge good for you or not. You may end up purchasing the one that doesn’t really suit your needs since you will find tons of options.

Below, we have compiled some steps that you can follow in our simple tutorial on How to Choose Poolside Chaise Lounge.

How to Choose Poolside Chaise Lounge

How to Choose Poolside Chaise Lounge 1
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Inspect the space

The first thing that you have to do is to check the space available in this spot where you’d like to put your chaise lounges. As you might have been aware, chaise lounges need more space than the other typical seating so you have to make sure that you got enough space to occupy them.

In general, the chaise lounge can come with 78.5 in length, 27 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. The space available on your poolside should be, at least, enough to deal with this measurement so you can use your chaise longes conveniently and comfortably.

If you plan to add more than one chaise longe on your poolside, keep in mind to leave around three feet between each seat. It’s important to provide convenient traffic when everyone gathers around.

Choose the material

The materials that build a chaise longe will determine its structure, design, comfort, maintenance, and durability. The choice actually depends on your needs and taste, so you need to find the one that really suits you.

Some popular materials that you will find in the market are aluminum, softwoods, hardwoods, wicker, teak, and lumber. Each one of the materials has its own plus and minus points. Here’s what you can consider:

Aluminum chaise lounge

When it comes to outdoor furniture, aluminum always becomes everyone’s favorite. You will not be bothered with tricky maintenance steps with this type of material, especially if you can find which is properly coated.

Another thing about aluminum chaise lounges is that you need to choose the fluffy cushion as additions to them. The aluminum structure can feel quite uncomfortably rigid if the cushion is not thick enough.

You can simply wipe an aluminum chaise lounge with soapy water and apply new applicants every season to maintain its quality over years.

Softwood chaise lounge

If you have a limited budget and prefer a chaise lounge with a more natural look, the one which is made of softwood can be a good option. Softwood chaise longe is typically cheaper than other natural materials.

Due to its affordable price, you might find some issues in the long (or short) run. Softwood is not really that durable, especially when it’s used to make outdoor furniture. They are mostly easy to crack, rot, and chip since they have to face harsh weather conditions that they can;t handle. Moreover, the structure also feels uncomfortable.

To overcome those downsides, you may need to varnish your chaise lounge regularly so it can look beautiful for a long time.

Hardwood chaise lounge

This is a sturdier alternative to softwood, obviously. Hardwood chaise lounges are typically more durable, comfortable, and adorable than softwood ones.

Of course, they can be offered at more expensive price tags so you might need to increase your budget. As a natural material, however, you still need to maintain it by regular staining and varnishing.

Wicker chaise lounges

Another popular material that can be used to build a chaise lounge is wicker. As you may have known this type of material is massively used to create various kinds of outdoor furniture. Wicker offers a beautifully distinctive look that will style up your outdoor space in a very natural way.

Some of the homeowners, however, consider wicker a less durable material than hardwood. It also doesn’t feel quite comfortable when you lay your body on a wicker chaise lounge. Moreover, due to its textured structure, wicker is also quite difficult to get cleaned thoroughly.

Placing your wicker lounges around the areas which are less exposed to harsh weather conditions prolongs their existence.

Teak chaise lounge

Wondering what is the most durable natural material that you can choose? Teak is the best answer. This type of material can produce its own natural oil which protects it from weather exposure even if you don’t regularly maintain it. The structure of a teal chaise lounge also feels more comfortable due to its good sturdiness.

The only downside of a teak chaise lounge is that you can’t really find a lot of options for its overall look. They are mainly made in one finish but still looks so gorgeous to add more aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

You need to simply rub a teak chaise lounge to maintain its look overtimes.

Lumber chaise lounge

Another durable material option for chaise lounges is HDPE lumber which stands for high-density polyethylene. It’s a manufactured natural material which can withstand any weather condition so you don’t have to doubt its durability.

Lumber chaise lounge is available in a wide variety of looks so you can always find the one which matches with the overall look of your outdoor space. They are also easy to maintain with a simple soap water.

With all of those great qualities, you should be willing enough to increase your budget if you’d like to purchase an HDPE lumber chaise lounge.

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Pick a design

Besides providing a relaxing spots on your poolside, chaise lounges also have a role to decorate the space just like other pieces of furniture. It makes choosing the one which can also beautify your pool area is a must.

If you have a swimming pool with minimalist style, the chaise lounges which come with a clean-lined design and neutral finish are a nice option. For a pool with a more eclectic look, you can choose the ones which come with a more attractive design.

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