Installing TV Over Fireplace

TVs and fireplaces complement each other beautifully. Both television and fireplace keep us entertained. They create a wonderful atmosphere in the living room, dining room or in every room of everyday use. They also give us warmth and light. There are fireplaces available in lots of different styles. You will certainly find the one that will be the most suitable for you… and for your television! After finding the right fireplace, the question arises, how to install a TV over that fireplace? Let’s find out together!

TV mounted above a fireplace – the growing popularity

Can you really mount your TV over the fireplace? There is a sensitive piece of electronics, an open flame, a lot of heat generated by a fireplace and hot air… Heat isn’t good for electronics. But, despite this, the answer is still YES! You can and you should mount the TV above a fireplace if you have such an opportunity. 

Nowadays more and more homeowners choose to do so. They mount LCD and plasma televisions over their fireplaces. To make sure that their TVs won’t be damaged from the heat, they avoid improperly selected fireplaces.

They also redirect the heat as far away from television as possible. This can be achieved through installing a proper mantel and, later on, building an alcove for the TV. It is important to note that minimum clearances are highly needed.

Why is it worth installing a TV over the fireplace?

Fireplace can become a “central element” of your home. However, installing TV above it raises a lot of controversy. Some people say it’s a bad idea because it’s too dangerous. Others say that the combination of two sources of light that are close to each other doesn’t look good. They add that it can sometimes be hard to hide cables and cords.

By contrast, there are some people who do not get discouraged by the issues outlined above – quite the opposite! They focus on the positive. They know that combining TV and fireplace brings many benefits, such as a brilliant, cozy atmosphere – an ordinary room becomes a lounging area where we can relax and enjoy a cracking fire.

What’s more, this kind of design is really trendy now. Especially because today there are no bulky and boxy TVs (we have plasma screens) and we have an opportunity to hang a flat TV on the wall. Fireplace + TV = definitely a practical solution because people spend most of the time in the main living areas of their homes. Also, they believe that placing those two items one above the other saves space.

TV above a fireplace

How to install a TV above a fireplace?

Let us show you how easy it is to install and mount TV over the fireplace. There’s something you have to remember about – following the specifications in the fireplace manual. Some TVs function at temperatures ranging from 32°C and others function at 50°C. Read carefully the specifications before you start. Be sure to follow our instructions step by step.

A few things you need to know before installing

Your TV and fireplace might be located perpendicular to each other but they might as well be located at the same wall. Such an arrangement makes sense when they appear one after another, not next to each other. This solution doesn’t pose a threat to safety. Household items won’t catch fire and they won’t be damaged.

Safe distance

The only condition is to keep a distance of at least 80 centimeters between your glass screen and the fireplace which, by the way, should include the ability to adjust the height of the flame (with additional safety switches). By distance we mean here the length from the top of the mantel to the bottom of the monitor.

A sufficient amount of light

The TV set gives us blue light and the fire from the fireplace gives us warm light. Looking at the TV and fireplace emitting too much light might make us feel irritated. That’s why it is so important to attach particular importance to an appropriate distance between TV and fireplace. The distance cannot be too short. Take that into consideration for your own comfort. Treat yourself to a comfortable viewing.

TV above a fireplace

Comfortable viewing thanks to flat screen TV

People watch TV in a sitting (or sometimes in a lying) position. They don’t want to hold their heads up every time they want to watch a film, just like in the movie theater, especially in the front row. The best viewing angle for you to watch TV is at eye level when you’re in a sitting position. Take that into consideration if you want to forget about the neck pain.

One of the possible solutions is choosing a widescreen effect due to the width. You might need a fireplace in the shape of a letterbox. It will leave you more wall space. Thanks to that, you will be able to install your TV a bit lower. Even small things make a difference!

It’s worth paying attention to the TV screen size. There’s no such thing as one best TV size, but still it’s better to know that 42-inch, 50-inch and 60 inch screens should be positioned differently – 5,5, 6 or 7,5 feet away from the person who watches TV. Placement, location and height of your TV are relevant in order to have the best picture quality. 

The proper height

If we talk about the fireplace, the matter is simple – it should be placed between 60 and 80 inches from the floor. However, you are responsible for controlling the installation height. Refer to your installation manual. Take the fireplace’s height into account. Think about the best TV’s distance from the floor.

Everything matters here. But after all, you are the one who adjusts the height to your needs and preferences. The easiest way to check if TV is too high is assessing whether your neck starts to hurt while looking at the screen. If yes – you will have to lower the TV.

TV mounts

TV wall mount is a matter which should be considered if you don’t have the wall under the mantle which is a stone or a brick veneer. If you would like to have swivel options for your TV, you’d better use one of the TV wall mounts available on the market. With such simplification, you will enjoy moving your TV in all different directions. In this way a good mobility is given to your television. 

A few more tips

When installing TV, you should use anchors or fasteners in the right size. Keep in mind that drilling into the fireplace surround carries a risk. You should be aware of all internal fireplace system components. You have to know how to use full motion wall mounts. Thoroughly think out the type of TV mount and the weight of the TV. Make sure that they are suitable for your fireplace wall. And finally, use only the best fireproof materials, especially the ones from Vitcas Shop

 Mounting a TV

You will have to meet the challenge of controlling the location of the wires. You don’t want your wires to be exposed. You probably want to avoid the situation when they hang out of the back of your TV. They would look unsightly and even worse, they would constitute a danger – they would be vulnerable to overheating.

The best and safest solution is to run wires up above the fireplace. It should be already taken into account at the time of creating interior design for the room (architect’s help may be necessary).

Various installing methods

You can mount a TV above a brick, stone, wood burning, gas and even electric fireplace. The mounting methods will differ somewhat. When it comes to a brick fireplace, a wiremold will help you hide the cables. You just need to drill into the brick face to place the mount. Use a power drill for this purpose.

If you want to mount a TV over a stone fireplace, you will need support provided by a specialist. You might need to remove some rocks of which the fireplace consists. This will allow you to run power. Meanwhile, in the case of a wood burning fireplace – choose one that operates with no smoke emission to be confident in your safety.

Electric fireplaces are not very likely to generate excess heat. They produce a moderate amount of heat or no heat at all. And finally, installing a TV over a gas fireplace, which is quite easy. You can adjust the height, choose the length and add glass paneling to be sure your TV remains cool.

watching TV on sofa


Installing a TV above the fireplace has many advantages. You need to remember about several issues such as safe distance, a sufficient amount of light, the proper height and above all – about your own comfort! Don’t hesitate to use the services of a professional installer. Don’t forget about security issues and everything will work out. 

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