8 Gorgeous and Lovely Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500

Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 Featured

Having a comfortable living room is everyone’s dream. You know that a comfortable living room makes us want to spend our time around with our family longer. We can create such a comfortable atmosphere in the room by upgrading the living room sets. To make that comfortable area, most homeowners think that they have to pay out a lot of money.

That’s true that the first problem of improving the living room of the house is the budget, right? That’s why we should always save our money for the home improvement project. But, still we have to use our money to fulfill our needs, that is the reason we always have a limited budget for the improving house project.

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When we have a limited budget, we always think that “is it possible to improve the living room with such budget?”. Now, we can say that the answer is “Yes, it is”. Because now you can find cheaper furniture to improve your living room. Here we have some references for you to improve your living room sets, the cheap living room sets under $500. Happy improving your living room!

Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500

Niagara Convertible Sofa (Price: $486.85)

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credit: Wayfair

This adorable set will make your living room feel and look more enjoyable. Its neutral color will flow easily regardless of the style of your living room. With the price under $500, it’s totally worth to buy. The sofa can also be transformed into a medium sized bed for the more comfortable time that you spend with your family. (More complete about: Niagara Convertible Sofa Review)

Buchannan Microfiber Corner Sectional Sofa Dark Chocolate (Price: $469.00)

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credit: Walmart

The pillowy dark chocolate sofa with seat and back cushions which can be one of the best options for you to buy. The color is so sweet and creating such an inviting atmosphere to your living room. It is totally suitable for your limited budget. (Check the complete detail about: Buchannan Sectional Sofa Review)

Tracton 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set (Price: $460.99)

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The modern styled cheap living room sets under $500 comes with detachable pillows, and loose seat and back cushions, which is so perfect to be the cozy feature in your living room. The navy color of this easy-to-clean sofa is very gorgeous. Your limited budget is not a big deal anymore. (More details of: Tracton 2 Piece Review)

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Bachman Chocolate Sofa and Love with Track Arms (Price: $399.99)

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credit: Price Busters MD

The adorable chocolate cheap living room sets under $500. The color creates an inviting earthy touch to the room, and perfect to complement the living room with calming color schemes. The set includes the sofa and loveseat.

Madison Home USA Ultra Modern Plush Velvet Living Room Sofa (Price: $399.99)

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credit: Walmart

This red colored sofa looks so attractive and totally worth to have. Surely, it will beautify your living room and become the focal point to the overall look of the room. It feels comfortable to sit on with its high-density foam in its easy-to-clean cushions and with the two pillows included. If you don’t like reds, the set is available in some other colors. Expensive? No, it isn’t!

Victoria Mid-Century Modern 3 Piece Lounge Chair and Side Table Set (PPrice:$399.99)

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credit: Wayfair

Two mini chairs and a mini table which will surely make your small living room looks adorable. It is suitable for you to enjoy the intimate coffee time with your loved one. The natural wood color of the legs and the faded gray color of the chair is such a great combination to flow with every living room style. It is totally worth to have.

Mainstays Tyler Microfiber Storage Arm Futon Sofa Sleeper (Price: $389.00)

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This sofa with thick foam cushions totally looks and feels so comfortable. The blue color of the chair is so relaxing, very suitable for you living room. Worth to have for your movie watching time, this one also has storages in the arms and included two cups holder. The design is so modern and innovative, and also available in other colors. It’s really a great deal for your limited budget.

Montero Microfiber Convert-a-Couch Futon Sofa Sleeper Bed (Price: $379.00)

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credit: Walmart

Another adorable yet comfortable sofa which can be transformed into a bed. The removable cushion can be cleaned and aired easily. It included a large space storage under the seat, and available in some other colors. Your limited budget is not a problem to take this one to your living room.

Those are some cheap living room sets Under $500 which can be a good reference for you to buy the best one. Always choose the one which doesn’t only look good, but also provide great comfort for you and your family.

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