15+ Beautiful Bar Stools For Kitchen Islands Set Under $200

Today, the innovation of kitchen’s design is extremely popular. Many homeowners give a lot of effort to make the kitchen looks more and more attractive. Choosing the beautiful furniture, sophisticated appliances, and the mesmerizing color combination is done to create a fascinating kitchen style.

It is totally understandable since the kitchen is the heart of the house which all the family members and the coming guests can do various joyful things. It is not only about cooking and dining anymore, but we can catch up our documents, browse the latest news, read some books, have a fun chat time with neighbors and so on in this room. So making it feels comfortable is always a must.

Bar Stools For Kitchen Islands tips

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As it is such an ‘all you can do’ kind of room, the kitchen should be good enough to accommodate some people comfortably around the space. This is the room where your neighbors and friends will eventually congregate when they are visiting your home. It means that the homeowner should provide an adequate sitting area.

Adding the bar stools for kitchen islands is a great idea to handle this case. The kitchen island is such an inseparable part of every modern kitchen.  The bar stools for kitchen islands don’t only provide a cozy sitting area but also enhances the style of the room.

There are various designs of bar stools with different materials that you can choose. It can be quite tricky to choose the perfect one to match with your kitchen design, and especially the affordable one. So here, we have some beautiful and adorable bar stools for kitchen which are offered under $200 for your good reference. Happy window shopping!

Bar Stools For Kitchen Under $200

2 Piece Gabriella Pub Bar Stool by Simple Living (Price: $98)

Simple Living Gabriella 30 inch Pub Bar Stools

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The super affordable classical style bar stools which look so beautiful. The white seat creates such a charming touch to this 3o inches metal kitchen stools. They will complement your traditional kitchen perfectly. (More complete about: 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool Review)

2 Piece Modern Swivel Bar Stool by Calhome (Price: $104)

Calhome AdjustableHeight Swivel Bar Stool

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The inexpensive modern bar stools for kitchen which provide you great comfort. The design looks so elegant to represent your fashionable personality. The cozy thick padded cushion is covered with the silky faux leather. There are two color options available which are black and white. (More complete about: 2 Piece Calhome Modern Bar Stool Review)

2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool by Flash Furniture (Price: $112)

Acrylic Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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The simple yet attractive bar stool which is perfect for your contemporary kitchen. The contrasting white side of the seat adds beauty to this 34 inches bar stool. There are 6 color options which are black, green, orange, purple, red, silver, and yellow. (More complete about: 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool Review)

2 Piece Axel Mid Century Stool by Simple Living  (Price: $132)

Simple Living Axel Mid-Century 30 inch Stool

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The lovely wooden bar stools with the cute cushion on its top which looks so simple to beautify your kitchen island. The design of this stool makes it go well with modern or traditional kitchen style. The stools come with 30 inches height.

2 Piece Mexico Inspired Adjustable Swivel Bar Stools (Price: $130)

Adeco Mexico Inspired Adjustable Swivel Bar Counter Stools

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The dazzling colorful bar stools which will become a focal point around your kitchen. The seat’s design is so attractive and makes your kitchen looks so cheerful. The height is adjustable from 26 to 33 inches. There are 3 color options available which are red, green, and orange.

2 Piece Curvy Swivel Bar Stool by Leick (Price: $131)

Leick Furniture Adjustable Height-Swivel Bar Stool

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The flat yet curvy style of this chair looks so futuristic to put in your modern kitchen. It will truly flow with all of those sophisticated appliances. The white faux leather seat of this stool creates a luxurious atmosphere to the room.

2 Piece Adjustable Transparent Yellow Barstool by Adeco (Price: $138)

Transparent Yellow Acrylic Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Barstool

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The design of this barstool is so irresistible. It will create such a sophisticated and fresh look to your modern kitchen. These bar stools don’t need to be extraordinary to beautify your kitchen. They come with adjustable height feature from 29 inches to 38 inches.

2 Piece Adjustable Glossy Swivel Bar Stools by Adeco (Price: $141)

Adeco Adjustable Modern Swiveling Bar Counter Stools

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As the name suggests, these barstools indeed look attractively glossy and colorful. The seat is made of dazzling acrylic which will make your kitchen feels so inviting. You can choose 5 color options to match your kitchen design; green, orange, blue, red, and black.

2 Piece Modern Adjustable Barstool Chair by Adeco (Price: $146)

Adeco Modern White Adjustable Hydraulic Lift Barstool Chair

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The retro chic barstool set which is a great choice for a modern kitchen. The padded seats are so thick which make you feel so comfy to sit on. The stools’ height can be adjustable easily from 23 to 32 inches. They come in 3 color options which are red, white, and black.

2 Piece Swivel Bar Stool by Flash Furniture (Price: $148)

Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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The elongated curvy back design of this contemporary stool provides great comfort for you to sit on, and beautifies the room at the same time. The style os the chair truly suits every modern kitchen theme. This 36 inches height stool comes in various color options which are orange, yellow, green, red, brown, black, and white.

2 Piece Simple Swivel Bar Stool by Flash Furniture (Price: $149)

Simple Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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The simple yet gorgeous modern bar stool which is totally worth to buy. The design is stylish enough to enhance the look of your kitchen and provides a comfortable sitting area for the guests.

2 Piece Mid-Back Swivel Bar Stool (Price: $155)

Midback Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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This modern bar stool comes with the comfy mid back that will make you feel cozy to spend a long conversation with your friends. You can pick the one which matches your kitchen style from 6 colors available; black, brown, gray, orange, red, and white.

2 Piece Ervin Bar Stool by Home Loft Concept (Price: $161)

Home Loft Concepts Ervin Bar Stool

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Add a little bit of Mediterranean touch to your kitchen with this lovely bar stools. The design of this backless bar stool with silver studded trim is so mesmerizing to put in your traditional kitchen. The oak wood construction of this 30 inches stool is sturdy enough to use for years.

2 Piece Colorful Swivel Bar Stool by Best Master Furniture ($169)

BestMasterFurniture Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

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This one is a perfect choice for you who have an all gray or white kitchen style. Adding this one to such room will beautifully pop up the color around the space. The height is adjustable with 32 inches maximum seat height.

2 Piece Plastic and Wood Bar Stool by !nspire (Price: $196)

!nspire Bar Stool

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This one is such fascinating bar stool which will flow perfectly with all kitchen styles, doesn’t matter it’s modern or traditional. The combination of the dazzling acrylic seat with the elegant wood leg is brilliant. The beach wood is chosen for the material and finished with lovely walnut.  The height of this bar stool is 29 inches.

2 Piece Vera Bar Stool by Corrigan Stool (Price: $199)

Corrigan Studio Vera-24 Bar Stool

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The mesmerizing wooden counter chairs which will create an ultimate elegant style to your kitchen island. The shining finish looks naturally glamourous which will impress all the coming guests. The bar stool comes with 24 inches seat height.

Tips to Choose the Right Bar Stools for Kitchen

Those are some recommended affordable bars stools for kitchen, you can choose the right one which truly meets your requirement. To ease you in picking the perfect one, here we have some tips on how to choose the right bar stools for your kitchen:

  • Match it with your kitchen style – It is surely the first thing to think about in choosing the stools for your kitchen. Do you have a traditional or modern kitchen style? Also, take a look at your kitchens furnishing and appliances, the stools should flow perfectly with them to create such an inviting space.
  • Choosing the design – The next step is picking the stool’s design. You can choose the one with back or not, the swivel one, or etc. You have also think about the size of the stools which properly matches with your kitchen island.
  • Picking the material – You have to choose the right material wich will beautifully match your kitchen’s theme. If you have a traditional kitchen, you can go with the wooden ones, or if you want to make the stools as the unusual focal point, you can avoid this matching rule actually. The material also relates to its durability, choose the one which is sturdy enough to use for years.
  • Think about the comfort – Not all the bar stools design will provide the great comfort when you sit on it. The ones with cushion typically give a better comfort. Some chair designs don’t come with backs, which perhaps look tempting to buy, but doesn’t really feel great to use when you have a long chat with your friends. The swivel design provides you convenient to reach to the counter tops or the bar table.
  • Calculate your budget – The last thing is about the money. With a wide range of prices, you can always choose the one which suits your budget. Your budget will also determine how many stools that you can purchase for your kitchen islands.

The primary consideration in choosing the bar stool for kichen is just like choosing the chairs for your living room, it is actually about the comfort. How you will make the coming guest feel cozy to sit on it for hours. The purpose of the kitchen island and its bar stools is to provide such an entertaining space around, so it should feel exhilarating.

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