Bar Stools For Kitchen Island | 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool Review

Everything about the kitchen has never had an ending, we keep discovering something that can lift up the look of our kitchen. Moreover, for people who really have a big care and attention to their kitchen, the periodically update is so important. There are dozens of the qualified items that provided by many manufacturers.

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Take over the whole kitchen zone, build up your dream theme inside, go for it now. Several kitchens with bar stool are always interesting and enjoyable to decorate the room. Bar stools for kitchen island have the wide variety of types, colors, shapes, or even materials that will make you easily choose the good one for you.

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In fact, the bar stools are one of the big objects which also a focal point in the kitchen. If you guess that price is always the big reason as an indicator of best quality, you would like to think about it many times. Because today everything is gone unpredictably different.

Here we have a review about 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool which is a very recommended kitchen furniture that you can buy. It can be the right choice if you want to buy and get the nice bar stool for your kitchen island. Let’s check the review of 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool below.

 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool

2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool
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The design of this 2 piece Gabriella Bar Stool is highly fabulous. It comes with the elegant and pretty black finish that totally add a touch of modern and art effects to the kitchen island area. The dimensions of this product are 19.25 in. D x 19.25 in. W x 45 in. H.

Its white round seat style provides you an un-disappointing comfort and joy for your daily use. It can be a nice addition and decor in any corner of your kitchen areas.


Always have to be a perfectionist for decor and find what’s best of bar stools for kitchen islands. You should get the strong one and has a good construction, and the construction of this 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool is sturdy enough. It completely has a heavy – duty metal material and sturdy base for your ultimate comfort.

One minus thing, the cushion is not comfortable enough to sit on. It doesn’t feel really soft and plush, especially for a long time seating.

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The durability of this product is quite good and reliable, from its well-constructed frame, you can judge that the chair is reliable enough for a long time use. The metal material of this bar stool helps it to be more and more perfect.


There is always an easy way in maintenance process, it is easy to clean and care. You can only use a damp cloth to maintain the chair on the regular basis.


The price of this 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool is quite affordable. By spending $98.97, you can get a set of two adorable and durable chairs to enhance the beauty and function of your kitchen island.


Dimension19.25″ deep x 45″ high x 19.25″ wide
Color Black and white
Style Traditional and transitional
Frame Material Metal
Package Set of two

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Finally, the 2 Piece Gabriella Bar Stool is a lovely-designed chair to beautify your kitchen island. This is for you who make the design as the main reason for choosing a furniture to place in your kitchen.

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