Recommended Z-Line Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood Reviews

Kitchen is the ‘heart’ of a home where all the family members can gather around to do some fun activities. Even more, having an outdoor kitchen in your house can be so exhilarating. It is the best place to have a joyful outdoor experience with friends and family.

Nowadays, outdoor kitchen has become one of the most popular home improvements around the United States. Many homeowners build this Meditrannea kitchen style to enhance their outdoor living space. It is such a good investment which are so beneficial for every homeowner.

outdoor kitchen vent hood
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There are some things that should be placed on the outdoor kitchen like BBQ grill, bat, dinner set, lighting, and so on. All of them should be properly placed in order to have a comfortable cooking area in your home. You need to consider some thoughts to design the outdoor kitchen.

One of the important thing that you have to consider is installing the outdoor kitchen vent hood. Especially if your outdoor kitchen is covered, with the roof structure above the cooking equipment, outdoor kitchen vent hood can be so useful for you.

The main benefit of the outdoor vent hood is obviously about drawing the smoke, grease, heat, and odor from the cooking area. It is very beneficial since you will have a dozen of friends having fun around the cooking area. You don’t want to hear any complaints about how your outdoor kitchen is unpleasant because of the smoke and the odors.

So here, we have the review about an outdoor kitchen vent hood which is quite recommended for you to buy. The product is the Z-Line Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood, and you can read our review below.

Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood Review

outdoor kitchen vent hood reviews
credit: Amazon


The hood comes with sloped sides and smooth design which looks attractive. It truly enhances the style of your outdoor kitchen. The stainless steel material makes the hood creates such a modern sense and absolutely a good addition to any kitchen.

The dimension of Z-Line 36″ Range Hood is 36″ wide x 27.5″ D x 16.4″ H and the chimney dimension is 13.5″ wide x 11.75″ diameter x 16″ height (x2). It comes with 2 directional LED lights to support your nighttime outdoor BBQ party. Controls the speed and the timer through the LCD panel.


This is 1200 CFM range hood which is good for 30″ to 36″ grill. It has 4-speed dual motor which creates such a reliable performance to keep the outdoor cooking area feels comfy. It is better to install the hood much closer to the grill (lower than 18″ above the grill) for a better performance.

Don’t worry about the annoying noise when the hood is working, because it only reaches 56 decibels in its high speed which doesn’t bother your joyful conversation totally. The hood also works great to use indoor, and also beautify your modern kitchen style.


Zen-Line Range hood comes with the built-in blower and fan which truly eases you. The following steps are the reference to installing the hood based on the manufacturer’s guide:

  1. Mark the centerline, and measure to determine the two mounting points.
  2. Install the mounting screws, leave about a quarter inch to mount the hood. Slide it into place and install the transition piece and ducting on top of it.
  3. Make the electrical inducing connections.
  4. Mount the top chimney bracket, centering it above the hood near the ceiling.
  5. Install the telescoping chimneys, secure it at the top and the bottom section.
  6. Try to turn on the hood.

You will definitely need a help from an electrician and contractor to install the hood properly.


The filter is easy to clean with some brushing.


The Z-Line 36″ Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood is offered at $853.81, which is a quite reasonable price for such a modern, reliable, and convenient outdoor kitchen’s addition. Many customers have been satisfied by using the product, mainly due to its good performance and sleek design.

Product Information

Dimension 36″ wide x 27.5″ diameter x 16.375″ height
Chimney Dimension 13.5″ wide x 11.75″ diameter x 16″ height (x2 telescoping)
Product weight 65 pounds
Material Stainless steel
Venting Size 8″ Outlet
Voltage 12o V
Airflow 1200 CFM
Motor  4-speed dual motor
Filters Dishwasher-safe Baffle Filters
Lighting 2 LED Lights (Directional)

Overall, the product is very recommended for you to buy. The modern design of the hood is surely irresistible, and the performance is quite reliable to keep the cooking area fresh and comfortable. The directional lights are very helpful for nighttime grilling, and the blower doesn’t make any loud annoying noise.

It is also a good product when you are about to renovate your indoor kitchen both from the look and the features.

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