7 Ways How To Set Up A Living Room For The Small House

A comfortable house is always synonymous with the large house and the wide yards. Nowadays, the populations are increasing rapidly. There’s no other choice to live in a smaller house or apartment. But that doesn’t always mean that you won’t feel comfortable if you have a small house.

With some settings, a small house can be a very comfortable place to live for every family. The living room is the room where the family can gather together to do some joyful activities, so that’s it always important to set up the room as cozy as possible.

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To set up your living room, you must be confused about how you will set it up, especially if you have a small house. Don’t worry, we have some solutions for you about how to set up a living room for the small house. Below are some tips that you can use for the guidance. Let’s improve our living room now!

How To Set Up A Living Room Of The Smaller House

Minimize The Furniture For Your Living Room

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Just put the useful furniture in your small living room. Choose the small designed table which is lightweight, and don’t choose the big one. Save the remaining space when the table is placed between the sofa and other living room’s chairs. Mount the slim television on the wall, so you won’t need any additional table to put it which can take up the space.

The small living room with many types of furniture also can look wider if the room’s furniture is in one color or matched style. Match the sofa color with the wall, also the cushion cover and the carpet motif.

Adjust The Living Room To Your Daily Activities

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What are your family daily activities in your living room? Is it just watching television? Or just have a seat and having conversations without television? After knowing the daily activities we usually do, we will be able to choose what kind furniture that we really need for the small living room. Don’t place the unused furniture to your small living room, it such a waste of space.

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Paint Your Living Room With Bright Color

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White, blue, yellow, and other bright colors can make your living room looks wider, such a magical effect. The bright colors are suitable for the small living room wall or even the whole walls of the house. The bright colors also can show the dynamic impression, which creates a joyful impression for everyone who stays in.  But if you want a balance you have to add some dark colors too.

The Long Sofa

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The family that always watch television in the living room usually don’t have a television in their own room. Just one television placed in the living room. A long sofa is a great idea to be added to your small living room. You can use it along with your family while watching the television together.

Adjust The Television Size With Your Small Room

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The LED television trend makes people need to have it. But, they usually can’t adjust the television size to their small living room’s available spaces. We almost often see the very big television in a small room, is it suitable? That kind of thing is, of course, bad for the family member’s health especially for eyes. Adjust the television size to your small room, make it proportional. You need to know the best length between your eyes and the television.

Place Windows In Your Small Room

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Windows can make a wide impression for small rooms. Moreover, the bigger window can let us see the outside views better. The air flows and wind that blows from the outside also makes the room feel more comfortable and relaxing. A mirror also can replace the window for the wide impression of your small living room.

The Room Lightning

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Using lights that emit white light can also make the room look more spacious. The good lighting is also necessary if you can’t place the window in the living room. It is goof for you and your family who would rather spend time together for reading than watching television.

Those are some methods of how to set up a living room in the small house that can be a reference for you. Hopefully, it can be your very useful inspirations to make the room feels and looks inviting.

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