How To Make Simple Outboard Wall Tables For Living Room

Having a great looking living room is a must for every hoomeowner, and there are no limits for improving your own for more. It is because every people want to make a comfortable and a good looking living room. Homeowners always try their best to keep improving their property.

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Adding new things to your living room is a definitely a good idea for the improvement. For instance, adding the new furniture, the new sets, the decor and much more to make the room feels fresher. One of the important things that very useful and also beautify the living room is the wall tables. It can be a useful decor to be added to your living room.

But, you don’t always have to pay for every furniture you need. A wall table is one of the furniture you can make by your own. Making a simple wall table for your living room is not a difficult job, and even you don’t have to pay out more money if you have some unused material in your house. By the help of easily available tools, you can make one in no time!

Here we have some simple steps to make your own wall table for your living room!

How To Make Simple Wall Tables For Living Room


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Before you start to make the wall table, prepare the materials first. The materials that you will need are wood boards or multiplexes, iron frames, nails, screws, and the wood paint. You must have those things at your house.


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Tools you need to have is a hammer, saw, drill, and the sandpapers.

Creating Wall Table Steps

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First, you need to prepare for the space in your living room, mark the wall for the wall table. Then, prepare for the iron frames. Then, form the iron for the wood’s main frame. Drill the frame so you can put nails or screws in the frame.

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The next step is you have to cut the wood board into two parts, match the size of the board as you need. Use the sandpaper to soften the wood and form the wood boards so that it fits the frame. Then you have to paint the boards before you put them to the frame.

After finish the wood painting, the last step is you just have to put the board into the frame.

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That was the easiest method for you to make wall tables for living room. It’s simple and you don’t have to pay for something. The method is for the simpler design for the wall table. You can also find so many models of wall table, and actually you can make it by yourself, it depends on your creativity. You can make the unique one with the tools and the material you have in your house.

The wall tables for living room are such a nice addition to put some adorable decoration, which definitely enhances the look of the room.

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