8 Best Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room Under $250

One of most enjoyable rooms in the house is the living room. Every person will enjoy their living room every single day. You can do so many activities in the living room such as have a relaxing time, conversation with your family, or watching television.

One of the must-have things in the living room is the side chairs. People enjoy their time when they sit on it like having the fun movie-watching time with your family. You must have the chairs in your house, right? It is this is an obvious mandatory feature of every property.

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of side chair. The comfortable one is the side chairs with arms for living room. Yes, you can have a relaxing time to spend with it. But, you know that some of the side chairs with arms for living room are offered at quite expensive prices. Here we have some recommendations for your references, the side chair with arms for living room under $250. Happy window shopping!

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room Under $250

Victoria Swivel Side Chair (Price: $249.00)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 2

Credit: Walmart

This one looks so comfortable. The thick foams covered in the swivel accent material with the solid wood base. The contemporary black and white stripes look of the chairs look so adorable to match with every room’s style. It is good for you to enjoy your relaxing time. (More complete about: Nathaniel Home Chair Review)

Antonin Curved Arm Chair (Price: $239.99)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 3

Credit: Wayfair

This elegantly designed chair is very soft, looks sophisticated, and also comfortable at the same time. The design and the monochromic color of the chair make it easy to flow with the modern or traditional room. It also has the solid wood legs with the lovely dark walnut finish. (Check the complete detail about: Antonin Curved Armchair Review)

Grenna Upholstered Chair in Blue(Price: $238.50)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 4

Credit: Walmart

Wow, this fluffy one looks so comfortable. Its blue trendy color looks so great to make your living room feels and looks more inviting. This will be a good choice for you with its reasonable price. The cushion is also removable and easy to clean. The frame of the chair is made of durable solid wood. (More details of: Grenna Upholstered Chair Review)

Sasha Arm Chair (Price: $229.99)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 5

Credit: Wayfair

This calm designed chair will totally enhance the comfort atmosphere of your living room. It is so cozy to sit on with its 100% cotton upholstery. It has gorgeous dark espresso wood colored legs which make it so beautiful.

Leather Guest Chair with Tablet Arm Front Wheel Casters and Cup Holder (Price: $219.68)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 6

Credit: Walmart

The full-leather style of the chair looks so adorable. It is not only relaxing to sit on but its built-in tablet arm and the cup holder also enhances the function of the chair. It is suitable for your movie-watching time. You can move the chair easily with its wheel caster below.

Francisco Brown Bonded Leather Club Chair (Price: $218.98)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 7

Credit: Walmart

The bonded leather with the wood frame as the material makes the chair look so elegant and fashionable for your living room. The dark stained finish creates such a luxurious touch and it’s quite affordable to purchase.

Verona Tufted Fabric Arm Chair (Price: $217.99)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 8

Credit: Wayfair

This fluffy classic soft chair with the bright gray color is so beautiful. The shape of its dark brown colored legs adds another beauty to the design. With a very reasonable price, you can own this sturdy and cozy arm chair.

Armonk Arm Chair(Price: $215.99)

Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room 9

Credit: Wayfair

The faded green is chosen to make this arm chair looks adorable, enhanced with its small sturdy legs with brown color make it more beautiful. It is undoubtedly so comfortable for you to sit on, and to install for your living room. You will have no regret after buying this one.

Those are some recommendations of the side chairs with arms for living room with the price under $250.00 for you. Save your money and think wisely to buy one of those chairs. Make your living room more enjoyable for your family with the lovely and comfy arm chair.

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