Side Chair With Arms For Living Room | Grenna Upholstered Chair Review

One of the most joyful spots in every house is the living room. It is the place where you can do so many activities from doing something or even taking the rest time. Therefore, creating the comfortable and beautiful living room is a must for every homeowner.

Actually, improving the living room to be more beautiful and comfortable is a fun thing to do. You love to do it even without the other’s advice. You can add something new to create a refreshing sensation to your living room.

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The comfortable and beautiful living room can attract us to have our time there. Then, adding the side chair with arms would be great to make the living room more beautiful and comfortable. You can find so many models of side chair with arms.

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If you’re looking for the great one with low prices, here we offer you the review of a product of side chair with arms. It is Furniture of America’s Grenna Upholstered Chair in Blue. You will definitely love t. Let’s check the review out!

Grenna Upholstered Chair Reviews


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This is a classic chair which is designed to provide you a great comfort. It features the high-density foams in the seat, arms, and back. This is surely a perfect chair for the relaxing time in the living room. The overall look of the chair is quite attracting the with blue color of that creates the calm atmosphere around the living room.

The legs of the chair are not too striking, they are made as small as possible to create a simple appearance. But it doesn’t matter, the chair still delivers the great look with its classic style.

Ergonomics / Comfort

From the first sight, we can ensure that this chair is a comfortable one. It is explained before that this chair contains the high-density foams in every side, it makes the chair almost perfect for a comfortable seating spot. You can feel the comfortable arms and back when you are taking the rest time, it is so excellent.

One thing to consider is that the chair is covered fully by the flannelette, sure the texture is quite soft, yet the cover doesn’t really feel so plush.

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Grenna Upholstered Chair
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The material of this chair cover fabric is flannelette. Flannel is a soft fabric which originally made from the carded wool or worsted yarn, it is known for its durability that will give you a long lasting great performance.

For the leg and base, Grenna Upholstered Chair used solid wood which definitely enhances the durability of the chair. This product has no problem in the case of durability.


The quality of this side chair with arms is not too bad. It has a good look to decorate your living room with those comfortable seat, arms, and back. The fabric cover and the base material is not the bad one too. This chair is quite promising for a cheaply priced side chair with arm.


The $248 price tag of the chair is quite reasonable, considering its comfort and design. However, if you prefer a chair that feels much plusher when you sit on, this product can’t be included into one of your top choices.

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For the last result, this chair is actually a great one with super thick foam and solid wood base. That flannelette point is not really big minus point that makes you should avoid this product to buy. Since it still offers you an ultimate comfort, why not include this one to your shopping list?

Moreover, this Grenna Upholstered Chair also has an affordable price, so suitable for you who look for the low-priced chair.

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