Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 | Niagara Convertible Sofa Review

The living room would not be complete without the furniture inside. Furniture in the living room has two important functions. First, it can beautify the room’s decoration and then it can be a comfortable spot for spending time in the living room.

By improving the furniture inside the living room, you will feel a new refreshing atmosphere around which. They make the living room more beautiful and comfortable.

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When you are going to improve the living room, you can change or add the new furniture. One of the alternatives of improving the living room is change or apply the living room set. Living room set can be in many things such as sofa, end table, side chairs, and much more.

You can find any of living room sets, from the cheapest one until the most expensive one. Adding the living room set can make the living room better and improved it well.

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Talking about living room set, here we will give you the review of a cheap living room set to improve the living room. The product we review is the Niagara Convertible Sofa by Beyan Signature. This is a great living room set with low prices under $500. Here it is the Niagara Convertible Sofa review for you!

Niagara Convertible Sofa Review

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This product is manufactured by Beyan, the set comes in the gorgeous contemporary design. It is suitable both for the modern living room or rustic living room. The sofa looks great with its high-quality chenille fabric for the upholstery.

The base material is metal and the legs are plastic in the gray finish. The legs are also removable for the easy cleaning.

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Niagara Convertible Sofa

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The Niagara Convertible Sofa has some features. First, it can be transformed into a bed with its adjustable back, you can transform it very easily. Then, it has the storage below the seat, you can adjust the seat to put some stuff inside. You can also get the toss pillows also which are included in the package.


The main fabric material of this sofa set is the chenille fabric. Chenille made from yarn used in combination with wool or cotton and sewn in tight loops, it is a good material for furniture, carpets, or clothing. For the base, the material is metal which so sturdy and durable. Then the legs have plastic which is removable.

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This product is, of course, provides the comfortable seat and back. Its high-density foams will not make you feel bored while sitting on it. Since you transform it into a bed, you can sleep as long as you want comfortably. The big pillows included in the package also can increase the comfort of this product.


Although it is a cheap product, it will not disappoint you regarding its durability. Its metal base will give you the long last sofa set, the chenille is not a bad fabric material too. This product guaranteed the durability for the consumers.


The price of this living room set is $486.85. A cheap enough price for a great sofa which is not disappointing. Its under $500 price tag will not make you spend your money too much.

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That’s all our review of the Niagara Convertible Sofa. This living room set will not make you feel disappointed after buying it. Having the sofa which can transform into a bed is always great, moreover, the price is affordable too. This product is a wonderful furniture which can make your living room well improved.

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