Handicap Bars for Bathroom | Moen Home Care Grab Bar Review

Completing your bathroom stuff with the serviceable and beneficial feature doesn’t only improve the function of the room, but also decorate its look. The stuff that you must install certainly must deliver something useful while existing in your bathroom. Its function has to support you in doing some main activities in the bathroom.

One of the most worthwhile features to set in your bathroom is the handicap bars for bathroom. This kind of stuff totally give dozens of benefits to assist your needs in the bathroom.

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The handicap bars comes to prevent an unwanted accident like slipping and falling down, especially for your old parents. Furthermore, this stuff allows you to have some grab when you do some activities inside the bathroom.

In fact, you will find out thousands of handicap bars for bathroom with a variety of design and price in your local market. So, it’s perceptible if you get a little bit confused to determine which one is the best. Then, the ones from Moen is the most recommended for you to buy.

Moen is one of world’s leading home appliance manufacturers, especially the bathroom stuff. The Moen company expands the Moen Home Care Grab Bar product with durable and high-quality features at affordable prices.

To give you an easy way to determine in buying one of their product, here, we have Moen Home Care Grab Bar Review for your reference.

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Moen Home Care Grab Bar Review

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This Moen handicap bar comes with a stylish and contemporary design that delivers a peace of mind. It is equipped with sophisticated features that serve an uncomplicated style and exceptional beauty to your bathroom. The Moen Home Care collection creates the fashion-forward presence that matches with today’s lifestyle.

Coming with brushed nickel finish, the handicap bar totally produces a sense of stainless warmth to your bathroom. The dimensions of the Moen Home Care Grab Bar are 16″ bar length and 1.25″ bar diameter.

By such dimensions, you can totally install this stuff without wasting your wall space. The hidden anchor screw adds the perfection of this handicap bar appearance.

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The Moen Home Care Grab Bar has a good reputation in constructing their products. The stainless steel material is chosen for adding the strength of this handicap bar performance. The construction of this bar is absolutely compatible with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is so helpful for everyone’s convenience.

The product is able to hold up to 500 pounds which feel so solid and sturdy once you use it. Its nickel coating feels so smooth and comfy to grip. The grip pad of this bar provides a very handy holding for your old parents.


Having the bathroom stuff with a great durability is a must. Not only looks gorgeous, this Moen Home Care Grab Bar has a sophisticated and lasting feature too.

The stainless steel is well-known as the durable and sturdy material with corrosion resistance. It absolutely stands to the rust, stain and any damage sources. So, the durability of this product is no doubt anymore that it will work effectively more than 10 years without worrying about damage.


Many customers give the positive review for its installation. This product features a compatible SecureMount design to give you a handy way to install. Furthermore, the SecureMount anchors enable to get multi-purpose installation at every angle to help the correct alignment. The wall-mounted installation performs to set this product handily.

The installation is totally easier and simpler with the hardware included in the package. They are 2 mounting flanges, 2 decorative covers, Moen 16 inches angled grab, 6 screws, extra screws and instruction manual book. One minus thing, some customers got some screws that don’t fit really well


The customers are definitely getting satisfied by its price at all. Indeed, the product is offered at such an inexpensive price which is $46.98 at Lowes, that is so affordable price for you. With that price, you can also get an amazing and satisfying product. That is the reason why many customers choose this Moen Home Care Grab Bar to install in their home.

At the end of our review, take your time to think about buying this Moen Home Care Grab Bar after knowing its design, construction, durability, installation, and price. This product also is totally worth to install in your bathroom. You don’t have to spend lots of bucks to have a gorgeous and reliable handicap bar.

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