5+ Cheapest 3 Piece Bathroom Rug Sets Under $20

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Making your bathroom more impressive is really perfect idea for you. With more beautiful bathroom, you will not feel disgusted to use it. Nowadays, many pretty types of equipment are available for you that you can choose for putting in your bathroom, for example, 3 piece bathroom rug sets. Those equipment function to absorb the water and make the bathroom staying dry. Based on the function, it can prevent your children not slipping in the bathroom.

In fact, many people do not care to have it because they see it as unimportant equipment with expensive price. Indeed, many products offer the best quality with the low price. As we will share several 3 piece bathroom rug sets under $20 below, it hopefully can give you a reference to buying it.


3 Piece Bathroom Rug Sets

1. Butterfly Empire Home 3 Piece Bathroom Sets $16.40

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Walmart

This bathroom set offers the beautiful butterfly design that can make your bathroom more impressive. Coming with orange color, it adds the bathroom brighter and life. It also provides in 8 fantastic and catchy colors. The bathroom sets include 17″ toilet seat cover, 18 x 18 contour rug and 18 x 28 bath mat. They are made from 100% Acrylic Pile (polyester) so that it delivers the soft surface with anti-slip and machine washable.


2. Daniel Bath 3 Piece Solid Math Mat Sets $18.99

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Wayfair

The second sets come with solid and plain colors design including blue, red, black, yellow, etc. It is perfectly good for completing your bedroom equipment. Made from 100% polypropylene allows it to get a smooth surface and long-lasting performance. For one package, it contains 1 bath mat, 1 contour mat and 1 toilet seat cover that can you buy with low price. The equipment also matches both of children and adult. For the dimension, the contour mat: 20″ W x 20″ L, toilet seat cover:  18″ W x 18.5″ L and bath rug: 20″ w x 31″ L.


3. Rainbow Bathroom Sets $17.50

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Walmart

Coming with beautiful and fantastic rainbow appearance make your bathroom more colorful. Actually, it allows you to get more confident with impressive bathroom when your guests use your bathroom. Designed with machine washable so that you are easy to clean them. It is made from polyester acrylic pileset. The dimensions include toilet seat cover: 19″ x 19″, mat: 19″ x 30″ and contour 19″ x 19″.


4. Danity Home 3 Piece Bathroom Sets $17.25

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Amazon

It offers the thin appearance with the rectangular pattern appeared on the surface. It makes the bathroom sets more interesting to apply for your toilet. Made from 100% polyester, it delivers the smooth and soft surface. It may be fit for your toilet based on the size of those including bath mat: 17″ x 29″, contour: 17″ x 16″ and cover: 18″ x 19″.


5. Patriotic Bathroom Sets $16.90

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Overstock

These sets are made to celebrate the 4th July decoration patriotic of America. Coming with Patriotic and America design, the sets allow you to get more impressive value. It will remember your family or guest about the day when they come in the bathroom. Those are constructed from the polyester material completed by the red bow and America star detailing with holiday, novelty and stripes pattern. The one set includes 1 seat cover, 1 mat, 1 contour and 1 tissue cover. For the dimensions, toilet seat cover: 16″ x 14″, contour: 20″ x 11″ and mat: 22″ x 23″.


6. 3D Non-Slip Bathroom Rug Sets $11.97

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Ebay

Available in 11 types beautiful design with cheap price, it allows you to choose the design as you love. The sets offer very attractive and impressive bathroom sets with a 3D design using the high-end printing. It is made from the polyester and PVS mesh bottom using the thermal transfer technology. It is completed with easy cleaning and machine washable so that you can take easily in giving treatment. Those bathroom sets also give anti-slip in the backing pad with vacuuming and water absorption. It is not only for bathroom use, but you can set it for your bedroom, car seat sofa cushion or under the table.


7. Animal Pattern Non-Slip Bathroom $9.88

3 piece bathroom rug sets
Credit: Ebay

These sets are also made from the polyester material and PVC mesh bottom that can deliver very soft feeling and comfortable in use. It can really absorb the water and the dust so that preventing people from slipping. Constructed with high-density soft fabric, it allows your bathroom more fantastic with 3D design completed with an animal pattern. Actually, you do not worry about cleaning it because it features with machine washable or hands.


After you read our article about 3 piece bathroom rug set, now, it is your turn to choose the best one. Remember!!! You have to select the high-quality product with prices as cheap as possible. Actually, you will not be disappointed because the bathroom rug set offers many varieties with a beautiful surface pattern.

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