10 Luxurious and Inexpensive Handicap Bars for Bathroom Under $70

Having a bathroom with complete features is not only exhilarating but also providing better function. The handicap bars is something which is perhaps ignored by many homeowners. While actually, it’s very useful to improve the bathroom’s feature completeness, and also decorate the room’s style.

With the help of handicap bars with its handle features, you will be prevented from the unwanted slipping down accident in your bathroom. Then this stuff also eases you to have some grab when you do some activities inside the bathroom. So by installing this little thing, your bathroom is equipped with a proper safety feature.

You will find hundreds of handicap bars for bathroom designs in the market which are offered at various prices. It’s understandable if you feel a bit confused with such availability, and it’s also possible that you end up buying the poor one. Your job is to pick the right one which suits your needs.

So here, we share you some affordable handicap bars under $70 that may help you in choosing the best one. Let’s check our list out.

Handicap Bars for Bathroom Under $70

Moen Home Care 16″ Brushed Nickel Grab Bar

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Lowes

The first handicap is made of stainless steel material with wall mounting type. With angled shape and brushed nickel finish, it gives the stylish and modern style for a kind of handicap. The weight is about 500 lbs included grip pad to secure the comfortable hold. The product is offered at $46.98, which is so affordable.

Hiendure Home Care Antique Style

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Amazon

The second one comes in the brushed bronze finish and copper material. The design looks so attractive to match with your classic bathroom style. It offers the wall-mounted installation method to give easy assembly with concealed screw included. This beautiful and antique carved is offered at $34.99 with lifetime rustproof warranty.

Moen Sage Spo Brushed Nickel Double Towel Bar

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Lowes

This useful handicap bar comes with two holder that includes the hardware and template for easy installation Finished in the brushed nickel, it will enhance the elegant look for your bathroom. To get this flexible handicap, you should spend for $39.98. This collection also available in multiple finishes to ease customer in choosing the good one.

Moen Home Care Polished Brass 18″ Concealed Screw Grab Bar

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Moen

This dazzling product will totally give a new atmosphere to your bathroom. With the brass polished finish, it gives luxurious look to your bathroom decoration. Equipped with stainless steel construction, it adds for durability and longevity in corrosion resistant. To get this product, you must buy it at $65.45 with limited lifetime warranty.

Mommys Helper Safe-er Grip Swivel Bathtub and Shower Assist Bar

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Parent Giving

This safe-er-Grip handicap helps you to balance when you enter and exit the shower room or bathtub. With easy installation and removal, it exactly make the bars flexible to set in any spot. To have this amazing product, you must purchase this at $43.99.

Lenoir Angled Grab Bar with Basket

This unique handicap bar is featured with basket that allows you to put soap or toothpaste on it. With brass material, it delivers the modern style to your bathroom. The basket can be mounted on the left or right position as you want. You should spend your money for $32.95 to own this product.

Wave Grab Bar Polished Chrome

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Grab-Bar

This unique polished chrome handicap bar comes in the wavy design that enhances the prodigious appearance to your bathroom. It can be install vertically or horizontally to create the perfect combination with others bathroom stuff. This stylish handicap is offered at $41.99, it is not really expensive price, is it?

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Grab Bar with Concealed Screw

With ADA compliant features, it comes in the simple size design for convenient use. This grab bar is fabricated of stainless steel that is well-known for longevity. It is such a durable handicap bar to install your bathroom. The product is offered at $56.95.

Universal Swing Away Grab Bar with Built in Toilet Paper Holder

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Grab-Bar

This flips up/down handicap design provides great function and enhances your bathroom style at the same time. Of course, it is flexible to use, you can grab the bar down when you need it and flip it up when you don’t. This gorgeous handicap comes in satin finish with stainless steel material. To have this quality product, you should purchase this one at $69.99.

DMI Suction Cup Dual Grip Grab Bar

handicap bars for bathroom

Credit: Walmart

The last handicap bar in our list, it provides an excellent balance assistance on any surface. To use it, you just flip up to release and push the levers down to enclose to the surface. With color indicator, it offers the visual confirmation to the bar surface. In addition, you have to pay at $22.04 for getting this great product.

DIY Installing Handicap Bars For Bathroom

To install the handicap bars for your bathroom is quite simple and easy way to do. Just purchase the best handicap bars and the complete tools, automatically, you are ready to install the bars well. To ease you in installing the handicap bars by yourself, we give you an easy tutorial below.

The Tools You’ll Need:

  1. Grab Bar (typically 18″ bars or optional)
  2. Cordless Drill
  3. Screwdrivers
  4. Some anchors
  5. Measuring tape
  6. A pencil
  7. A hammer

Steps in Installing the Handicap Bars

  • Choosing the Right Position

    The first step, check your bathroom in which you will install the handicap. Generally, the handicap is insullated in the shower room or above the bathtub. Here, we give you for installing the bars above the bathtub.

  • Measuring the Position

    After you find the right location for bars, now, you must measure the tub using a measuring tape. Make sure that you apply the bars on the center of the tub.

  • Marking the Holes

    In this step, put the handicap bars to suit the right position. Then, you can take the cover, just popping them off to expose the mounting flange. Measure from the center to center to ease measurement. Take a pencil and put the bars on the tile. Then, mark the center of the bars and the holes on the tile.

  • Installing the Handicap Bars

    This is the main step for getting the handicap bars in your bathroom. After marking the holes on the tile, you can drill them and put the screw in. Don’t be crazy that you crack the tile because you can install it well. Put little anchors in the hole and tap them in with a hammer. Then, get one of the screws to apply to the anchor. Take the handicap bars and start the screw into the anchor. Use a drill to make a lot faster and level to straighten the bars. Continue this step to get all done.

Those are some tips that guide you in installing handicap bars. It will be better if you follow our instructions to do this project. Therefore, you will find the difficulty or easiness the ways you do. If you do not understand enough with our steps, we also show you a video.  This tutorial video will guide you in installing the handicap bars easily and clearly. Let’s check it out!

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