How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser that Really Works For You

As the days can get more stressful these days, it’s time for you to invest in an essential oil diffuser. This device works by diffusing the relaxing scent of your favorite essential oils into the air, so you will love to stay inside your house for hours and hours comfortably.

How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser
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Especially today, this whole pandemic situation forces you to move your office to your very own bedroom or living room. That’s when a diffuser is strongly needed to help your home office feel as cozy as your real one.

Looking for an essential oil diffuser can be as hard as looking for an electronic device with complicated features. You will find the one which looks so gorgeous but may come with bad features and durability.

Keep in mind that the main goal of purchasing an essential oil is to offer you a maximum replacing time, not to beautify your home decor. Therefore, the look is not everything, but its diffusing feature is.

In this article, we share a simple tutorial that will help you to find the best essential oil diffuser that will enhance both the beauty and comfort of your beloved home. Just keep scrolling to find out our guide on How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser!

How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser

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Choose the type of diffuser

An ultrasonic diffuser is the most recommended type which is advised by a lot of essential oil experts. It’s because ultrasonic diffuser is considered more durable, easy to maintain, and available in various price ranges.

The ultrasonic diffuser works by vibrating rapidly to create an effect of boiling water but without any heat. This vibration then breaks down the essential oil and turns it into microparticles that burst into the air.

However, ultrasonic diffusers might not be the type that provides a stronger scent, especially if you choose to buy the ones in the low price range. If you have an extra budget and prefer a stronger scent, consider purchasing a nebulizing diffuser that works by vaporizing the oil before bursting it into the air. The downsides of a nebulizing diffuser are their pricey price tag (which can start from $100) and their glass materials which are quite fragile.

Avoid steam diffuser

When you are looking for a diffuser, keep in mind to avoid purchasing a steam diffuser, hot plate diffuser, and candle diffuser. It’s because they work by heating the oils which can damage their delicate chemistry. These types of diffusers will not provide maximum experience while using more oil.

Check the features

There are some features that you should see when you are on a hunt for an essential oil diffuser which includes:


Built-in timer is a must-have feature of an essential oil diffuser that you can’t miss. A superbly expensive diffuser means a waste of money if it doesn’t come with a built-in timer.

It’s because this type of feature can control the amount of oil that will be released into the air. The rule of thumb is that the diffuser should be able to make the room smell really good within 30 minutes. A good diffuser usually works by 10 minutes rule, in which 10 minutes of releasing the oil and 10 minutes off. You may get overexposed or breathing passage irritation if the diffuser works more excessively than the said cycle.


For you who want to use a diffuser mostly when you are sleeping with the lights off, a diffuser with built-in lighting is the one that you should buy. The lights commonly work as indicators and soothing night lights at the same time.

Automatic power

When the oil runs out but the diffusing machine is still running, it can lead to very dangerous stories. A diffuser that comes with automatic shut-off provides more safety so you won’t have to check it all the time.


Cleaning an essential diffuser can be quite tricky since you may damage the electrical component inside. That’s why you might want to check whether the diffuser is easy to get cleaned or not. There are some diffusers that are designed with minimal maintenance required.

Entertainment features

If you are looking for more than a simple diffuser, you can find one which is equipped with some entertainment features. The most common option is a diffuser which can also work as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to some soothing music while enjoying the relaxing scent of your favorite essential oil.


Well, it’s not really a feature, but a design of an essential oil diffuser is also important to keep in mind. Most homeowners commonly place a diffuser on a side table, cabinet top, or open shelf which makes it part of the decor as well.

You can even find diffusers that flow beautifully with the decorating style of your home. For instance, a diffuser that resembles bamboo can match a home with earthy nuance while a glass diffuser is good to beautify minimalist home decor.

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Check your budget

The budget that you will spend on buying a diffuser depends on how long you’d like to use it. Of course, we all want the one that can last for years, so you may want to consider buying a diffuser with sturdy quality.

You can find some recommended diffusers from popular brands like ArOmis. They have great diffusers made of glass and wood which work by vibrating the essential oil instead of heating it. For you who have a limited budget, always avoid cheap materials like plastic with low built quality since they will not last for a long time at all.

Choosing the best essential oil diffuser can be quite overwhelming to begin with since you have to get the one that suits your needs perfectly. Our guide on How to Choose Essential Oil Diffuser can be used as an ultimate reference when you are planning on adding an essential oil diffuser to your living room or bedroom.

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