Feel the Intergalactic Spa Experience with Bullfrog VR ‘The New Reality’

We all know the benefits of the hot tub since the ancient era. It’s proven that even people from hundred years before had acknowledged the soothing sensation of soaking your body in a hot tub. That’s why up until today this valuable water feature still becomes a ‘hot must-have addition’ for every busy homeowner.

You’ll find dozens of manufacturers that produce the reliable spa with various innovative features. Both from the design and performance, they keep innovating their hot tub for your maximum hydrotherapy experience.

Then, Bullfrog, one of the world’s most trusted hot tub manufacturers that are so well-known for their reliable, durable, and adorable spas has made a new hot tub innovation that never comes in my mind, called: ‘The New Reality’.

Working together with HTC, it is the new and innovative way from Bullfrog to give their customers the optimum satisfaction. Starting this year the VR service of the brand has available in their selected showrooms.

You will be taken into ‘another world’ for about 5 minutes with your interactive pretty guide named Hope. The adventure is divided into two stories, the peaceful and the horror one which is quite fun to enjoy.

What special is actually the new-developed technology of how Bullfrog creates their very own VR film. They expanded a 3 step filming process which shoots the angle from foreground, midground, and background. The process involved 3 different types of cameras and lenses which successfully developed an intimate and wide-angled shot at the same time.

Such development creates an intimate and focus presentation of the Bullfrog Spa experience in the whole new level. It makes you all of the customers who come into the brand’s dealer don’t have to imagine what it’s like to enjoy their hot tub, but see it clearly with their own eyes.

The New Reality is such an innovative marketing strategy that gives a hot tub world another new innovation.

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