This Fascinating Hogwarts Dining Room Cost You For About $16,800 (YEAH IT’S REAL)

One of the iconic scenes of the Harry Potter movie is that dining time in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. Lots of things happened in the room, and what’s really amaze us is how fascinating the room’s layout and the decor is. The super long dining table, flying candles, Halloween decor, water snakes, and orange streamers really stuck in our heads for our lifetime.

It is safe to say that having a Hogwarts-like dining room is every single Harry Potter fan’s dream. Sure it would be such an irresistible idea if you can have a Great Hall nuance in your home.

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Well, it seems like that thought is not a fiction nonsense anymore. It has been brought to life in a small country town named Shrewsbury of Shropshire, England. The picture below may just look like an ordinary house, but Charlotte Kyrakou – a Harry Potter huge fan mother – has given a Hogwarts’ magical touch inside.

You have to enter the house and go to its dining room to find the unexpected surprise. So let’s see what they have inside!

Hogwarts Dining Room

Got inspired after one trip to the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios, Charlotte and her family couldn’t resist bringing his experience home. Since then, they began to plan to remodel their dining room into what the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has.

“We’re all pretty obsessed with Harry Potter a family. We went to London to go to the studios, and we thought ‘Why can’t we do this at home?'”, told Charlotte, sharing her first dream to have a Harry Potter themed room layout. Then it’s not only a dream at all, it became true in about 18 months after her visit.

We all know that every home improvement always needs some sacrifices, and the first thing the family had to do is relocating their lounge into another part of their house. It’s not a big deal at all since they can have a big dining room with meticulous Hogwart’s style detail.

It took about 18 months for Charlotte and her husband, Andrew to do the research in hunting for their Hogwarts dining room materials. They want all to be perfect, not to mention, they had succeeded to get two original props from the Harry Potter movies.

“We have one of the letters thrown through the fire place which we bought from a dealer, which cost us about £200. We also have a witch in a jar which was from Professor Lupin’s office in the third film. That cost £350,” Charlotte said. Other replica props also scattered around the room that makes the room look as magical as possible.

The Budget

They spent £13,004.72 or around $16,800 to build this Hogwarts dining room, and below is the detail of where the money went:

Limestone Floorabout $5,169
Fake Stone Wallsabout $4,523
Table and Chairsabout $2,584
Log Burnerabout $2,584
Witch in Dome Propabout $450
Letter Propabout $258
Suit of Armsabout $258
iPadabout $283
Trunksabout $258
Flagsabout $77
Crest Above Log Burnerabout $65
Robes from Sainsbury’sabout $54
Sorting Hatabout $35
Hedwigabout $33
Wandsabout $105
Dobbyabout $65
Totalaround $16,800

Once you come to the room, you instantly feel the nuance of the Hogwarts in no time with the floor and wall that surrounds the room. The detail is very amazing, and everything is like a focal point of the room that will definitely stun you.

FYI, that suit of arms is specially delivered from German, and the iPad is not meant for the gadget, is indeed used for the decor in which Charlotte mounted it to display the moving images of a witch riding the broomstick.

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Charlotte and Andrew own a fish and chip shop, and her husband is skillful enough to do some decor by himself. “My husband did the wooden panels himself, and ever since we wanted to do it we have been collecting odd bits and bobs from antique shops,” said Charlotte.

Bloods, Sweat, and Tears

They did lots efforts to accomplish their Hogwarts dining room plan, and they are very happy with the results. “Bloods, sweat, and tears have gone into this room. I did suggest to Andrew that we could do with an extra bedroom, but we can’t move and leave that room. I don’t know what we’d do.”

They then share the joy of the room to others by holding some parties. Charlotte even made some Harry Potter-themed foods to cheer up the party.

“We hosted a Halloween party here last year and tried to make it look like a banquet. I made a chocolate frog cheesecake with the Hogwarts crest in the middle,” Charlotte shared one her unforgettable parties that she held in her Hogwarts dining room.

So, are you inspired to turn your own dining room into the Hogwarts-styled one? Or you just have a plan to visit Charlottes’s home anytime soon?

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