20+ Best Jaw-Dropping Kitchen Fails of 2017 (So Far)

Let’s be honest, the kitchen is surely the most fun room in the house where we can do lots of joyful activities around.

It’s not about cooking or dishwashing anymore, with various innovative furniture and appliance, kitchen provide the space for us to have a long great chat time with friends, catching up some documents, surfing the internet for hours, or just have some relaxing times.

But for some people, this ‘fun thing’ can be too much, which then leads to the unpredictable fails which look funny or even ending up with the question ‘how could that happen?’ Well here, we have some most hilarious kitchen fails that happen along the year so far.

Prepare to get your jaw drops.

Best 2017 Kitchen Fails

Chicken Heads Failure

kitchen fails 1-min

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That happy chicken faces turn into a disaster once the baking time is over. It is still edible though the look of those chicken is not that fun anymore.

Alien Breakfast

Here, the calming breakfast with the eggs with rice menu becomes a scary extraterrestrial moment. You can see how the eggs and rice makes a terrifying yet funny face of an alien. It deserves to be a breakfast menu at area 51 perhaps.

Pressure Cooker Explosion

kitchen fails 3-min

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The surely unwanted disaster that can happen when you don’t properly use the pressure cooker. Lucky enough the cover doesn’t hit that gorgeous light fixture.

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Melting Cutting Board

How could this happen? Well, it could when you hand over the kitchen to the daddy.

Smiley Bread Curse

When it’s supposed to be some cute smiling pieces of bread, they then turned out to be the scariest breakfast menu that you can ever chew. Are you willing enough to handle them?

Zombie Monkey

The terrifying monkey that was supposed to be a lovely birthday cake. It’s sure that expectation is not always in line with the reality.

Pizza Disaster

kitchen fails 7-min

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This is like the worst thing ever when you are about to enjoy your own tempting pizza to accompany your movie time. Th crust is still edible though.

Caramel Eruption

The disaster that happens when you forget your caramel and left them for hours. You will have your own caramel volcano that actually could be an entertaining science stuff around the house.

Pressure Cooker Dooms

Again, another accident caused by the pressure cooker failure. Besides maintaining those broken parts, you also have to clean the whole kitchen. Sadly and tiringly.

Mug Cake Misfortune

The mug cake that turns out to be an ‘oven cake’ due to its unwanted explosion. It can happen because of the improper measurement of the cake dough.

Scary Pinky Cake

Maybe, just maybe, the cake is meant to be a cute pretty pinky puddle, then it becomes one of the most horror cake ever baked. Notice that chocolate and red writing that enhance its terrifying look perfectly.

Glasses Cake

Can you guess how it happened? Is it because the chef is sleepy while mixing the cake dough, and his glasses went off. Whatever, it’s so surprising.

Sauce Battle

Maybe this is why you can’t let the cat accompanies you in the kitchen. He can involve in some disputes with you then end up defeating you.

Stacked Cookie Fail

Don’t rely yourself on those irresistible online recipe photo if you don’t want to get a deep disappointment.

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Hiroshima Pizza

Maybe you can call it the most eye-catchy PIZZA FAILURE EVER! Its accidental shape definitely reminds you of those Hiroshima bombing pictures.

The Poor Kitten

It’s never a bad idea to make a more interesting breakfast menu by modifying the boring-daily shape into a more attractive one. Yet, this kitten egg turns out to be a poor-looking one.

Fail Minion

Imagine how sad your boy is when you promised him to make the dazzling minion cake but then it becomes the weird round yellow cake.

Sad Chicks

Look at those chicks’ faces that were expected to be so lovely, but in reality, they look terrible. Maybe the yolk is not in the mood to work together.

Real Cookie Monster

If you think the Cookie Monster is monstrous enough, then take a look at this hilarious character’s representation. He definitely looks way more monstrous than he used to be.

Miserable My Little Pony

Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony looks as miserable as possible here. She almost lost her real look by this cake.

Fail Rainbow Jelly

The expectation picture of that rainbow jelly is surely tempting, but when it comes to the reality, it becomes the weird abstract sweet dessert.

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