7 Best Selling Stand Lamps For Living Room On Amazon

Doing the activity in the living room is not only in the morning or the noon. When the sleep time comes, you still can do some activities in the living room, and sometimes you sleep in the living room too.

Doing the activities in the living room at night will need some enough illumination. Using the conventional tube lamps definitely generates the light too much. You need something which can illuminate the living room in the appropriate light portion. The solution for this kind of problem is the stand lamps for living room.

Stand lamps are the kind of light feature which has the stand to hold it. It is a portable lamp which you can put it in another place, not only inside the living room. If you do the activity at night, it can help you giving the enough portion of illumination.

You can set the light you need as choosing the lamp you will install on the stand. Then, the stand lamps can make the living room more decorative and stylish too.

Choosing the best stand lamp for your living room is kinda confusing. You will love the appearance of some stand lamps, but you may just need one or two in the living room. It should be pair up with other decors inside your living room and it should appropriate with the style of the living room you have.

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If now you intend to add the stand lamps for the living room to your room and feel a bit confused, we will suggest you some best products which are the best seller ones on Amazon.

We summarize them as The 7 Best Selling Stand Lamps For Living Room On Amazon. Here you can choose the very best one for your living room. So let’s check the products out!

The 7 Best Selling Stand Lamps For Living Room On Amazon

Ikea 101.398.79 NOT Floor Uplight Lamp


The design of this IKEA’s stand lamp is so simple white black pole and white shade on its top. You can find the switch on the body side, and there’s cable sticking out too.

The leg or base of the body is circle shaped that makes it stand stably. The light beautifully lightens up the whole room. This kind of lamp is very suitable for the modern living room.


The body material of the lamp base is metal. The material is definitely great which tells its durability. So we can conclude that this kind of stand lamp is sturdy to use for a long time because of its material, it is cool.


Dimension 14.8 x 11.5 x 5.2
Weight 5 pounds
Style Modern
Color Black
Customer Review 4.3 out of 5 stars of 1,442 reviews
Manufacturer IKEA


This product’s price is $18.15 which must be very affordable for you. The stand lamp will help you to illuminate some spot and also increase the decorative point of the living room.

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Simple Designs LF2000-SLV Floor Lamp with Reading Light


This stand lamp is very charming with its combination of silver pole and white shade. It features two lamp slots and shades, the lower lamp is adjustable which works very well for your reading lamp.

The design is not too complex, it will be the perfect light source for your living room.


As the other stand lamp base, the base of this product is made of metal too. Its heavy construction means the product is a durable one, you don’t have to doubt about its quality. It will last longer.


Dimension 10 x 10 x 71.4
Weight 11 pounds
Style Traditional
Color Silver
Customer Review 3.5 out of 5 stars of 464 reviews
Manufacturer Simple Design Home


You can get this stand lamp by only spending $31.87. It is fantastic to get the good looking lamp which very helpful for the night activity in the living room.

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Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo Floor Lamp


This one comes with a quite unique appearance. The shade is made of the rice paper, and the diameter of the shade is about 9 inches. The overall look looks gorgeous enough with the black and off-white combination.

The circle base is good enough to support the construction. This lamp is not really that tall, it is good as the corner lamp near your sectional.


The pole and frame material of this stand lamp is the steel which has great quality, it is durable and safe. It is a preferred building material, for the stand lamp, it should be the best. The steel is fire resistant too. So you should not worry about the base durability of this lamp.


Dimension 9 x 9 x 46
Weight 2.2 pounds
Style HOLMO Lamp without Bulb
Color White
Customer Review 4.0 out of 5 stars of 1,779 reviews
Manufacturer IKEA


The price for this unique designed lamp is in range of $22.99 which is affordable and cheap. The low price doesn’t always mean bad, this one is a recommended one and it is one of the best selling products. It can be helpful while having the decorative design to increase the looks in the living room.

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Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp


This sophisticated LED stand light is so stunning which looks beautifully futuristic. Its circle light surely lightens up the whole room with its supper bright light.

The color of the base is jet black, it is a rare color for the stand lamp. It has modern style. The appearance of this lamp is very simple but awesome.


The base material of this lamp is metal which has a good durability. This kind of lamp is a long last one. Durability is the greatest advantage of the metal stand lamp base.


Dimension 16.9 x 13 x 7
Weight 9.4 pounds
Style Modern, Contemporary, and Sleek
Color Jet Black
Customer Review 4.7 out of 5 stars of 2,492 reviews
Manufacturer Brightech


The price of this great lamp is $79.90. It is reasonable since the stand lamp is very useful with its adjustable LED light. The design is stunningly modern. This stand lamp also a best-seller product which is recommended for you to illuminate your activity in the living room at night.

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Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp


This stand lamp is very fabulous, especially with its built-in shelf. You can display some decoration or simply your stuff below the lamp. Its off-white box style shade beautifully delivers a dimmig light that softens the room’s illumination.

The switch type of this lamp is the pull chain. The lamp looks beautiful in classic black finish. Overall, it is a unique designed stand lamp.  This product has classic modern style, it is so beautiful to be the living room decor beside of its function to illuminate the night activity.


The base material of this stand lamp is wood. It’s made of hardwood which will be a durable material if you treat it well and maintain it frequently.


Dimension 17.6 x 12.1 x 6.4
Weight 12 pounds
Style Classic
Color Classic Black
Customer Review 4.7 out of 5 stars of 39 reviews
Manufacturer Brightech


The price for this unique designed stand lamp for living room is $59.99. It is reasonable for the unique stand lamp which illuminates you at night in the living room and has some useful storages at one.

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Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp


The product is having an antique appearance in a wonderful pharmacy floor lamp style. Its golden finish surely looks glamorous which adds a superb luxurious touch to the room.

The boom arm and lamp head are adjustable that is very convenient and useful to read the book or checking the document at night.


The construction of this stand lamp product is the metal is the gold finish. The material’s quality is not disappointing, it can be displayed in the living room for a long time.


Dimension 55.5 H x 10 W
Weight 10 lbs.
Style Contemporary and Luxury
Color Gold
Customer Review 4.7 out of 5 stars of 239 reviews
Manufacturer 360 Lighting


To bring this stand lamp home you just have to spend the money for about $39.99. It has the low price and very affordable for a luxurious look stand lamp for living room. If you love the gold color you will choose this as the best stand lamp in your living room.

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Brightech Litespan LED Reading and Craft Floor Lamp


The design of this stand lamp is very homey. It is a lifespan LED type which bring you the comfortable while reading the book in the living room at night. The product is available in five color to pair your living room color, but the jet black one is the most elegant.

Its gooseneck is easily adjustable in various positions based on your preference. It looks modern and great for the living room.


Steel as the construction of this stand lamp for living room is safe and durable. It is resistant to corrosion and stain, and needs low maintenance, and a very familiar lustre make it become an ideal material for many applications even the furniture.


Dimension 15.7 x 8 x 5.8
Weight 10.6 pounds
Style Goose Neck or Mini
Color Jet Black
Customer Review 4.8 out of 5 stars of 7,009 reviews
Manufacturer Brightech


The product’s price is $69.99 which is reasonable enough for the modern stand lamp which can be very helpful in the living room. It also has the decorative looks, it will make the living room look more modern.

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Still confuse to choose the right stand lamp for your living room? Below are some tips to choose the best stand lamp for living room that may be helpful for you.

Choosing The Best Stand Lamps For The Living Room

Points of Light

There are some significant points before you choose the style. First, you should identify the purpose of buying the stand lamps for living room. If you are looking for the strong, clear light which can point any direction, don’t choose a style which only features one bulb on an inflexible frame.

Choosing the design which can be the compliments for the other furniture in the living is highly recommended. Do you need the stand lamp that illuminates all the spot in the surrounding area? Don’t choose the shaped design, which usually points the light upward only.

The stand lamp’s height is also an important consideration. A short stand lamp will look too small in a large living room with high roofs. You should also decide to choose whether the lamp uses a globe, reflector or shade to cover its bulb.

Any appropriate lampshade should be long enough to not expose the bulb when someone is standing near the lamp. The material option is important too, if you love the wooden lamp, don’t even bother looking in the adjustable long stand lamps for living room.

Stand Lamp Prices

The usual functional and stylish designs can be purchased with the price under $50. The higher quality or the other highly decorative with metals and wood material as the base will cost more. But, the most well designed and the better quality material stand lamp types will cost between $100 and $250 and even more.

Of course, more decorative or adjustable models you choose are available at the higher prices. The point is you should prepare for the price of the stand lamp you will add to your living room. If you love the well-designed one with many features, you should prepare more money than buying the ordinary one.

Stand Lamps For Living Room Maintenance

Clean The Stand Lamp Of Dirt or Dust

To take care of stand lamps for living room, remove the shades carefully, then you can clean the bulb and base easily. Next, you should clean the bulb and base with a damp or clean cloth. Polish dry the base and the bulb with a second clean cloth.

To clean the washable stand lamp covers or shades, cover them in the hot soapy water in a sink, bucket, or bathtub especially for the larger light covers. Wash them smoothly, rinse completely, and polish dry with a clean towel or scrap carefully.

How to Clean The Lamp Shades Based On The Material

The way to keep the lamp shades clean is to dust them weekly. Once dirt or grime build out, it is harder to remove, especially on delicate shades, for example, the parchment or fabrics. Here is some method of how to safely clean lamp shades base on the materials:

  • Beaded lamp shades: Vacuum frequently to block dust buildup. Wipe it occasionally with a damp cloth.
  • Fabric lamp shades: Dust with a soft vacuum addition or took it to a professional if you can’t clean it properly.
  • Metal lamp shades: Wipe with the soft damp cloth.
  • Paper lamp shades: Wipe or replace it with the new one when it gets too dirty and difficult to clean.
  • Parchment lamp shades: To clean the dust, you can remove marks with an eraser.
  • Plastic lamp shades: Wash it in the dishwashing water or fluid.
  • Rattan lamp shades: Vacuum it frequently to keep it always clean.
  • Silk lamp shades: Took it to the professionals because it is a bit difficult to clean by our own.
  • Glass lamp shades: Wash in the dishwashing water or fluid, then rinse and dry fully.

If you maintain the stand lamps for living room in the right way, it will always look clean and last longer inside the living room.


At the end of the explanation, now you may find the very best stand lamps for living room. We have explained about The 7 Best Selling Stand Lamps For Living Room On Amazon and some details of the products.

All of the products are recommended for you to have and it may be confusing to choose one. That’s why we explain to you about how to choose the right stand lamps for living room too. Choose the one base on the function or the design you like for illuminating the activity you do at night and the one which decorative for the living room.

We have explained about how to maintain the base, bulb and the lamp shades too to make you maintain the stand lamp you buy easily. Just follow the steps and you will get your stand lamps look great every time.

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The living room is the best spot for doing activity even in the night. That’s why we need to illuminate the spot we usually do activities such as checking the document, working, or just reading the book. The enough illumination will be very helpful because too much light can bother you.

Stand lamps are designed for the enough illumination and sometimes it can be the decorative furniture. That’s all we could explain, find the best stand lamps for living room correctly for your living room.

Keep improving the living room!

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