20 Most Unique Wood Pallet Wall Decoration For Living Room

Decorating your living room is always a fun thing to do. Adding some cute stuff in the corner, on the table, or hanging something on the wall is a must to make the room looks and feels inviting. Keeping those decorations as beautiful as possible is a must for every homeowner.

Since wood is the most popular material that used for living room decoration, so it’s never a bad idea to add some in your property. The chairs, tables, or shelf that keeps the natural look of wood is such an everlasting style of decoration. Then with hundreds of products available in the market, it’s always easy to buy the one that suits your needs.

The wood pallet is the latest home decoration nowadays. You will find lots of furniture and decoration made by repurposing the shipping wood pallets. They look so tempting that just makes you want to have one.

Here, we share you some wood pallet wall decoration ideas that you can place in living room, kitchen, dining room, or others. Have fun!

Wood Pallet Wall Decoration Ideas

Wall Lantern Hanger

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 1

credit: Etsy

Adding some cute lights in your living room will create a warming atmosphere around. This adorable wood pallet wall decoration is very simple to make and can be used for a lantern hanger.

Rustic Hanging Table

Hanging wall table is a space saving solution to put some decoration in your room. You can copy this unique design to place in your living room. The style and the rustic color of this hanging table are surely mesmerizing.

Pallet TV Rack

The gorgeous hanging TV rack made of the wood pallet that totally worth a try. You can make your own easily by only using one used pallet.

Huge Rough Pallet Frame

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 4

credit: Sean Turpin

Copy this idea to create a stunning focal point of your living room decoration. You can write your own favorite quotes and hang some memorable photographs on the pallet.

Pallet Hanging Planter

This lovely wall hanging planter is a piece of cake DIY pallet decoration that you can place in your indoor or outdoor living space. Its rustic style is so beautiful that creates a nice earthy look.

Rustic Hanging Flag

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 6

credit: Kelly DIY

The unique wall decoration to represent your creative personality. The rustic finish of this American flag ornament is so beautiful to add such a classic nationality touch to your living room.

Colorful Jewelry Hanger

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 7

credit: Etsy

This is a lovely wooden jewelry hanger with colorful pastel finish that you can place in the living room or bedroom. The silver accent totally enhances the glamorous look of this wood pallet wall decoration ideas.

Pallet Shoes Holder

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 8

credit: Balilandsale

The inexpensive idea of shoe holder that you have to try! This is extremely easy to make by just using a used pallet. A creative idea for a useful stuff in your house.

Unique Floating Planter

Look at this fabulous planter! The design is totally distinctive with the combination of torn pallet and a twig. Placing this one in your living room will obviously create a work of art nuance.

Pallet Wall Lights

The stunning wall decoration which will lighten up your living room beautifully. Your wall will look way more dazzling than ever by placing this one.

Pallet World Map

If you are a traveler, you have to hang this pallet world map in your living room. The white world’s islands give contrast to the rustic dark brown pallet, creating a beautiful bright look to your wall.

Colorful Cute Hanging Planter

Another unique planter ideas for you who want a colorful decoration for your living room. Each pallet has a single small planter which looks so cute, and you can paint each one of them based on the color you love.

Creating Floating Shelf

The creative pallet floating shelf in HOPE design to add some motivating stuff in your living room. It’s truly a beautiful and unique wood pallet wall decoration ideas.

Rustic Floating Shelf

Rustic stuff is always interesting to enhance the beauty of your interior decoration. This lovely rustic pallet shelf is something that you can’t miss.

Chevron Pallet Decor

You may see kind of this decoration a lot today. Indeed, chevron arrow is one of the most popular wall ornament nowadays. You can make one from a used pallet and give certain tones to create a more attractive look.

BW Pallet Painting

Say goodbye to disassembling the pallet! You won’t have to do that step to create this gorgeous wood pallet wall decoration ideas. It looks so unique and very easy to make.

Pallet Floating Shelf with Built-in Table

This is not only a wall decoration but also a sophisticated creative furniture. The floating shelf which is equipped with a wood board works as a table. Then, below the table, you can find a shoe rack.

Pallet Floating Book Shelf

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 18

credit: Woo Home

Make a book showcase in your living room by placing this wood pallet wall decoration ideas. You can simply make this one without too many tricky jobs.

Floating Shoes Rack

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 19

credit: Craftriver

The space-saving ideas for your small living room. This floating shoe rack is a great idea to arrange your shoes neatly without taking much space.

Pallet TV Hanger

wood pallet wall decoration ideas 20

credit: Web Urbanist

The dazzling white pallet which is used ti hang a LED TV. It makes the TV becomes one of the focal points around the room. For an ultimate pallet goal, the pallet sofa complements the room’s decoration perfectly.


So those are some adorable wood pallet wall decoration ideas that you must have in your living room. You can choose the one which complements other existing decorations in the room. Have a fun and joyful pallet job then!

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