15+ Creative & Gorgeous Wood Pallet Kitchen Island Ideas

The thing that you can’t miss from the kitchen is the island. Don’t ever say that you have a cozy kitchen when you don’t have any small table with some stools around the room. It is such a must-have feature for every kitchen that you as an up-to-date homeowner should install.

There are thousands of inspiring kitchen island design that you can find online easily. They are made into some certain styles to match well with various kitchen interior layout. The colors, materials, shape are varied based on each homeowner’s taste.

wood pallet kitchen island ideas

credit: Crown Point

Sur, you may need to spend lots of money to have a gorgeous island beautifully assembled in your kitchen. That, however, is not a problem for you who have a creative idea to repurpose some used things to become a useful one. You can save much more money if you are eager to make some furniture on your own.

Then, if you ask what is the most popular DIY furniture nowadays, the ones which are made from the wood pallet is the top answer. It gains its popularity since about two years ago and remains adored until this very moment. You can still find so many wood pallet furniture ideas on the internet.

The wood pallet kitchen island is without a doubt involved in that trend. It is a very good option for you who want to have a kitchen island on a budget. So here, we share you some beautiful wood pallet kitchen island ideas for your ultimate inspiration!

Wood Pallet Kitchen Island Ideas

Small Wood Pallet Kitchen Island

A lovely mini island made of pallets for your small kitchen. The original two tones wood finish of this island are totally mesmerizing and create a warming natural nuance to the room’s overall look.

White Pallet Kitchen Island

wood pallet kitchen island 2

credit: Ana Lilia Herrera

The gorgeous white island in its original pallet style which will totally add a sense of creativity to your kitchen. The wood top is a perfect match to the white legs, and you also have two convenient spacious storages underneath.

Pastel Pallet Kitchen Island

This pallet island is painted in some random pastel finish that looks totally adorable. The nice color combination of this island will make your kitchen looks way more inviting.

Elegant Dark Brown Pallet Island

wood pallet kitchen island 4

credit: Rebecca Oswald

The stunning kitchen island in which you will not need to spend lots of cash to create one. The island looks definitely elegant with its rustic dark brown finish, black lines, and countertops.

 Navy and Light Brown Pallet Island

A dazzling bright kitchen island which adopts the combination of navy and yellowish wood finish. This one will match perfectly with your contemporary style kitchen.

Rustic Modern Pallet Island

wood pallet kitchen island 6

credit: Inspideco

This is a clever kitchen island which combines the classic and modern style at once. That fascinating look is created by its rustic wood pallet and white ceramic countertop. This one will totally enhance the value of your kitchen.

Pallet Island with Plenty Storages

wood pallet kitchen island 7

credit: Lushome

The huge kitchen island which has dozens of storages to put lots of your kitchenwares. Yes, this is a great advantage of using the wood pallet for your furniture material, it can provide some spacious storages for your convenient.

Rustic Off-White Kitchen Island

wood pallet kitchen island 8

credit: Etsy

If you are really into something vintage, this kitchen island is exactly a great option for you. The super rustic off-white pallet is surprisingly combined with the glossy ceramic countertop here, creating a clever contemporary look. Don’t miss those unique industrial style bar stools to add a more distinctive touch.

Natural Pallet Island with Black Countertop

wood pallet kitchen island 9

credit: Pallet Ideas

The simple DIY wood pallet kitchen island ideas with the lovely natural look and black countertop. Such combination makes the island look elegant to decorate your kitchen.

Black Modern Pallet Island

The mesmerizing pallet kitchen island in all black finish for your modern kitchen style. It is a really simple pallet island that you can make easily, yet will enhance the look of the room totally.

Sophisticated Pallet Island

wood pallet kitchen island 11

credit: Miserv

This is a sophisticated kitchen island which turns the ugly pallet into a luxurious furniture. The lights totally make te island look way more fascinating to illuminate your kitchen. Try this one, and get ready to amaze all the coming guests.

Unique Modern Style Kitchen Island

An amazing wood pallet kitchen island ideas that look so unique with its design. You can see that the pallet legs are used s the foundation of the concrete countertop. The color combination is so beautiful and creates such a calming atmosphere. The built-in cute drawers enhance the look and the function of the island perfectly.

Pallet Island with Aluminum Top

wood pallet kitchen island 14

credit: se.alatar

Another nice pallet kitchen island for a narrow kitchen. The aluminum countertop smartly complements the dark wood legs, and make the island look dazzling.

Pallet Island with Spacious Storage

wood pallet kitchen island 15

credit: Lushome

As told before, the bonus of using the pallet to become your kitchen island is that it gives you some accidental storages. As you can see in this wood pallet kitchen island ideas, the owner smartly uses the storage to put some plates and glass. The height of the storage on the lower level allows you to put much bigger stuff.

Simple Pallet Island with Hidden Storage

The small classic style kitchen island with the hidden storage underneath its top which should be included into your DIY furniture project list. Its all-wood design makes this island a great choice for you who want to add something natural to your narrow kitchen.

So those are some creative wood pallet kitchen island ideas that can become a reference for your next kitchen remodel plan. Some say that you can only spend not more than $60 to make a pallet kitchen island, depending on the design that you want to build. It’s a good alternative for you who want to save your cash to make an island in your kitchen.

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