15+ Gorgeous Outside Kitchen Island That You Have To Own

Don’t ever say that you have a dreamy patio without any kitchen island installed on it. Sure, that the outdoor living space is a great space to relax your mind while enjoying the fresh summer air, but those dining chairs and table really needs a good company. By having an outside kitchen island, you definitely own a perfect outdoor space to entertain all the coming guests.

outside kitchen island

credit: Mind Meg Ett

Outdoor kitchen islands are available in various fabricated designs which are sold in modular and prefabricated options. You can also find the custom-made islands to match with your outdoor space’s style. It depends on your needs, and obviously budget to get what kind of kitchen islands to place in your backyard.

As design becomes one of the major considerations in choosing the perfect outside kitchen island, here we have some adorable ideas which can be your inspirations. Let’s check them out below!

Outside Kitchen Island Ideas

Earthy Brick Outdoor Kitchen

outside kitchen island 1

credit: Galaxy Outdoor

The glamorous atmosphere of this gorgeous patio is so undeniable, the choice of earthy color scheme makes this outdoor space also looks inviting. The matching kitchen island with metallic appliances totally enhances the value of the space.

Spanish Brick Patio

outside kitchen island 2

credit: HGTV

This one is a perfect choice if you want to have a classic outdoor space style. The overall look of this patio with its kitchen island is beautifully rustic and flows well with the surrounding. It also provides great space for the maximum entertaining moment.

Simple Summer Outdoor Kitchen

outside kitchen island 3

credit: Better Homes & Garden

The lovely small deck is equipped with some beautiful stuff to hold a joyful outdoor cooking. The flowers and plantations enhance the natural look around the space. This outdoor kitchen doesn’t need to be extraordinary to entertain all the coming guests.

Elegant Black Outside Kitchen Island

outside kitchen island 4

credit: HGTV

The elegant kitchen island is placed on this gorgeous patio. The kitchen island adds a perfect simple touch to the space and the dining area is placed perfectly in front of the island.

Outdoor Metallic Kitchen

outside kitchen island 5

credit: Better Homes & Garden

The full metallic cabinet and grill style is chosen to provides an exhilarating space in this home’s backyard. It is always a good idea to match white with other monochromic color schemes. This outdoor kitchen looks modern and classic at the same time.

Curvy Kitchen Island

Fully-equipped kitchen island which looks beautiful to match any patio’s style. The design is versatile enough to flow with the backyard’s surrounding. It’s such a nice island idea to perform your five-star chef skill.

Wooden Kitchen Island

Wood is always a great material to complement every outdoor space’s decor, and this wooden kitchen island is absolutely perfect to place both on a desk or a patio. The design makes it easy to beautify the natural surrounding of the outdoor space.

Earthy White Kitchen Island

This classic design of this kitchen island will give your patio an adorable castle-like look with its rustic stoney style. Plenty of cabinets provides huge storage for the convenient cooking time.

Rustic Black Kitchen Island

The L-Shaped kitchen island which looks simple but beautiful enough to place on your patio with its rustic black stone style. It also provides great sitting are for entertaining your family and friends.

Dazzling White Kitchen Island

The style of this kitchen island is so mesmerizing. Its rustic white look makes the island will easily become a focal point around your patio.

Cute Sandy Kitchen Island 

outside kitchen island 11

credit: Houzz

If you have a narrow patio, choosing a small kitchen island is your only option, and this one can one of your choices. The design is attractive enough to enhance the style of your outdoor space while provides enough functions for the joyful grill party.

Classic Brick Kitchen Island

The adorable brick outside kitchen island which looks classic and natural. The island is equipped with great kitchen features for the fun cooking time. The flowers around add ultimate beauty to island look.

Rocky Outside Kitchen Island

This straight-shaped kitchen island is clad in big rocks for the fascinating natural look. The island simply beautifies the natural surrounding around the space.

Outside Kitchen Island Tips

Those are some kitchen island designs which absolutely look stunning, you can pick one of them to inspire your own kitchen island style. To make you much easier in choosing the right outside kitchen island, here we have some thoughts before deciding to purchase one:

  1. Purpose 

    The first thing that you have to think about when you are about to install a kitchen island in your outdoor space is the purpose. Whether you want to make it just for a simple grill party or you need the one which can fulfill your five-star chef skill.

  2. Design 

    As told above that the BBQ islands are sold in modular and prefab choices. It is better to choose the manufacturer which offers the customized kitchen island, so you can buy the one which flows perfectly with your outdoor space. You can also choose the portable island or the one which is built into your patio design. Talking about design is definitely relate to the size of the island, pick the one which suits your outdoor space size and still provides an adequate sitting area.

  3. Infrastructure 

    Think about the footings, gas, electrical,  waterline, and permits once you are going to install an outdoor kitchen island. Those are some important thoughts that you should be planned well, hiring a contractor would be a good idea to handle this case.

  4.  Accessories

    There are some accessories that you may need to complement the outside kitchen island. A smoker, refrigerator, ice chest, bar stools, wood burning are stuff which is good to complement it.

Having an outdoor kitchen island is never a bad idea to provide more convenient guest’ entertaining service. You don’t have to be tricky to run back inside to prepare the meals and beverages when you hold an outdoor party. The island also enhances the value of your outdoor living space and creates an inviting space for any gathering moment.

Durability can be the biggest issue of the outside kitchen island since it should be able to withstand any weather condition. But don’t worry, most of the islands are done with stone veneer.

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