15 Gorgeous Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets Designs Ideas

If we are talking about styling the kitchen, the cabinet would be the first stuff to talk about. It is very reasonable since the cabinet is the key element which impacts the overall look of the room. That is why the fashionable homeowners would explore a lot of research to find the perfect cabinet design to style their kitchen.

Nowadays, you will find thousands of cabinet designs which look absolutely stunning. From traditional to modern cabinets are made as creative as possible to make the kitchen becomes an exhilarating room. Some homeowners pick some calming and relaxing color, but other prefer the vibrant ones to create a cheerful atmosphere.

There is nothing wrong to choose the neutral or cheerful color since the color of the cabinet flows beautifully with the entire kitchen or the property’s style. The general rules are the color should match well with other key elements of the kitchen like countertops or the clothes, then how the kitchen style goes side by side with other formal rooms like the living room or dining room. If you are about to combine some colors, make sure that you have the dark and bright color styling the kitchen orderly, from the flooring to the ceiling.

Grey wash kitchen cabinets are the most popular option chosen by many homeowners. This neutral color, without a doubt, looks gorgeous to create such a relaxing atmosphere to the whole room. As a neutral hue, grey is friendly enough to match with almost all color options, it makes you easier to match grey cabinet with any color of countertops.

If you are interested enough to follow the grey wash kitchen cabinets trend, here we have some gorgeous ideas that can be your ultimate inspirations!

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Hazy Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 1

credit: Remodelista

The rustic look of this stain grey wash cabinet is so mesmerizing. The super light grey which almost looks white complements this black and white kitchen beautifully. It enhances the brightness of the room very well.

Dark Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 2

credit: Crob Design

This modern kitchen looks sophisticated and natural at the same time with its dark grey cabinet. The stained style gives an earthy atmosphere to the kitchen and makes the room feels more inviting.

Classic Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 3

credit: Lgilab

The grey wash color of this classic cabinet style is totally gorgeous. The color matches beautifully with the design of the cabinet and makes the room look so artistic. It makes the room feels so relaxing.

Rustic Light Grey Wash Cabinets

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 4

credit: Stormicus

The beautiful light grey cabinet which matches well with the wooden kitchen theme. The white bricks backsplash enhances the natural sense of the room which is absolutely brilliant.

Natural Grey Wash Cabinet

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 5

credit: Home Bunch

Matching the wooden flooring with the natural grey wash cabinet is never a bad idea. This kitchen is a good example of that smart combination. The cabinet still keeps its natural wooden look with its stained style to make the room more inviting.

Grey Wash Kitchen Island

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 6

credit: Home Bunch

The grey wash cabinet under this white kitchen island becomes a gorgeous focal point for the whole room. It complements the white cabinets and the walnut flooring brilliantly.

Modern Grey Wash Cabinet

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 7

credit: Gulten Gumusgray

This is such a creative modern kitchen style that really worth to include in your top list’s kitchen renovation idea. Though this kitchen uses modern style furniture, the wooden wall and stained grey wash cabinet keep the natural sense around. The combination of white and grey create a calming monochromic kitchen style.

Washed Oak Cabinet

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 8

credit: Cindy Ware

The attractiveness of this washed oak cabinet is so irresistible. It is combined with the white countertops and grey flooring to create a maximum neutral appearance to the room.

Contemporary Grey Wash Cabinet

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 9

credit: Scavolini

The elegant dark grey wash cabinet in an attractive contemporary style is chosen to beautify this simple wooden kitchen theme. It is another way to build an earthy and modern kitchen style.

Creamy Grey Wash Cabinet

This light grey cabinet is so mesmerizing with its stained look. It results in even more luxurious appearance when it is combined with the bronze finish appliances and sandy countertops.

Earthy Grey Wash Cabinet

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets 1

credit: Remodelista

The stained grey wash kitchen cabinets are meant to keep the natural look of the cabinet itself in a more attractive way, and this one is a great option. There are two tones of grey which looks so fascinating with its natural wooden texture.

Grey Wash Kitchen Cabinets Tips

Those are some beautiful inspirations of the grey wash kitchen cabinets, but before picking the one for your own kitchen, we have some thoughts that might be useful for you to choose the right grey wash kitchen cabinets.

  • Pick the Right Hue

    Whether you go with light or dark hue, it depends on your taste and of course the overall theme of your kitchen. A simple trick is that if you have a small kitchen or the one where the natural light is hard to come around, choosing the light gray would be the wiser idea since the dark hue actually absorbs the light around the space.

  • Think about The Nuance

    When combined with other colors, gray will create the different nuance to the room. It is whether warm or cool nuance that will be popped up, depending on the undertone choices. For instance, when gray is combined with blue it will definitely result in a cooler look to the kitchen.

  • Choose Paint or Stain

    It again depends on your style, whether you want to keep a little bit of the wood grain to appear which is stained, or you just go with the fully painted one. The stained cabinet will keep the natural look of the cabinet, while the painted one creates a nice coloration.

Grey wash kitchen cabinets are always the great options when you are looking for the cabinet style to install in your kitchen. They can complement the black and white kitchen or even the colorful one. The neutral hue of gray gives us ease to beautify any kitchen style.

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