20 Beautiful Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas For Your Patio

Wood pallet chairs, tables, or benches are the hottest furniture trend today. You will find hundreds of creative and attractive designs of wood pallet furniture ideas that look so irresistible. You should immediately try to have that adorable furniture before the trend goes up.

As the leftover material, most of the wood pallet furniture are made by the DIY ways. It’s such an eco-friendly way in recycling the used material to become a useful stuff. You will not be bothered by the spending a lot of money to do the wood pallet project.

Patio, is the best spots in your house to put some wood pallet furniture. Its natural appearance will beautifully flow with the backyard’s surrounding. They will absolutely create an inviting atmosphere around your outdoor space.

So here, we have some fascinating wood pallet furniture ideas that can be your inspiration next time you consider about building one on your own. We present them based on the furniture types, so it will be much easier to find the furniture that you need. Have fun!

Wood Pallet Furniture Ideas

Lounger Chair

Adding a lounge chair to your patio is never a bad idea. It is such a super comfortable thing to accompany your afternoon reading time, and also provides an entertaining spot for the guests.

Flower-Cushioned White Lounger

Wood Pallet Furniture 1
credit: Wonderful DIY

This lovely lounger is totally attractive with its vibrant flower cushion which combined with the rustic white wood pallet base. It will become such a cheerful focal point on your patio.

Simple Pool Lounger

Wood Pallet Furniture 2
credit: Homedit

Try this easy wooden pallet lounger, and put in your pool to add a more creative touch around. You can always choose te color that matches with the overall look of your outdoor space.

Lounger with Ottoman

Wood Pallet Furniture 3
credit: Home Esthetics

The irresistible wood pallet lounger that you have to put on your own patio. The design and color choice are so brilliant to improve the comfort of your patio.

Rustic Dark Lounger

Wood Pallet Furniture 4
credit: Sandy Avery

It is always a good idea to have a furniture with a natural finish to place on your patio, and this lounger is totally mesmerizing. The shining dark walnut finish creates such an inviting earthy look to the chair.

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One important addition to providing the cozy spot in your patio is the sofa. You can just add one huge sofa then your patio is all set.

Dark Palet and White Cushions

Wood Pallet Furniture 5
credit: Brandi Snodgrass

This wood pallet sofa is so simple and adorable with its contrasting combination. The dark wood pallet is completed with the fluffy dazzling white cushion, creating an attractive appearance to the overall design.

Green Pallet with Magenta Cushions

Wood Pallet Furniture 6
credit: Wooden Pallet Furniture

For more creative look, you can try to paint the pallet with the grayish green finish. The use of vibrant magenta cushion is used to enhance the look to be more attractive.

Grey and Purple Pallet Sofa

Wood Pallet Furniture 7
credit: 1001 Pallets

If you want to add a more relaxing touch to your outdoor space, consider choosing this gorgeous pallet sofa. It’s definitely beautiful when gray is combined with purple, creating an attractive yet calming appearance to the sofa. The scattered accent pillows also enhance the style fabulously.

Simple Maroon Pallet Sofa

Wood Pallet Furniture 8
credit: Pallet Wood Projects

Looking for a more simple wood pallet furniture ideas? Well, this one is totally worth to try. The simple flat striped cushions are placed on top of the maroon pallet which looks so lovely.

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You will not have a joyful coffee or tea time without any table assembled on your patio. Making one with a used wooden pallet is such a good idea and also could save your money.

Wooden Palet Table with Spacious Storage

Wood Pallet Furniture 9
credit: HGNV

This wooden pallet table is absolutely stunning. The natural wooden finish added with the glass table top, making it look creatively beautiful. The space underneath the tabletop is also very useful to put some stuff.

Pallet Table with Aluminum Tabletop

Wood Pallet Furniture 10
credit: 99 Pallets

You can go with this one if you want to have a durable pallet table. The aluminum tabletop adds such a modern and sturdy touch to the rustic pallet underneath. It’s such an adorable table to place in your outdoor kitchen island too.

Dark Rustic Pallet Table

Wood Pallet Furniture 11
credit: Quick Garden

The simple wood pallet table in a dark brown finish which looks naturally elegant. It’s a good color choice which will flow well with any of your patio styles.

Pallet Table With Hidden Storage

Wood Pallet Furniture 12
credit: Recycled Things

Another simple pallet wood table wich has a surprising hidden storage. It is a nice table design for a small patio or deck. The combination of dark wood finish table top with the white leg is so mesmerizing.

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Patio Swing

Perhaps some homeowners mostly ignore this accessory, but once you install a cozy swing to your patio, you don’t only improve the features, but also enhance the style.

Simple Rustic Swing

Wood Pallet Furniture 13
credit: Designrulz

If you already have some wood pallets, go grab some ropes and make this easy DIY wooden pallet furniture ideas. It looks simple yet totally admirable.

Pallet Swing Chair

credit: Homedit

This creative pallet swing uses the small pieces of parted pallet which then sewn together. As the result, the fascinating swing chair for your ultimate relaxing time.

Small Pallet Swing Bed

credit: Pallet Furniture

The small swing bed which is another piece of cake wood pallet furniture ideas that you have to try. You don’t a huge pallet to make a swing bed, this one perhaps more suitable for you to have some joyful chat with your friend.

Swinging Pallet Bed

credit: DIY Fun Ideas

The real swing bed made of the pallet for your super cozy outdoor nap time. You can’t miss this one if you have a used wooden pallet and a used bed.

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Seating Set

Most people may eager to spend a lot of money to purchase some beautiful chairs to place on their patio. But for you who love to do it all by yourself, these pallet seating sets are totally worth to try.

Rustic Rectangular Seating Set

credit: 101 Pallet Ideas

The box-style seating set all made of the wooden pallet which is comfy enough for your outdoor chat time with some friends. It keeps the original look of the pallet without any staining or painting to pop out the lovely earthy atmosphere to the space.

Industrial Style Pallet Seat

credit: 101 Pallet Ideas

The attractive industrial seating set which looks definitely creative and will create a distinctive look to your outdoor space. It is a great wood pallet furniture ideas to decorate your masculine-style property.

Rustic Classic Pallet Chairs

credit: 99 Pallets

Another rustic seating sets which look so dazzling. The style of the chair is so gorgeous with its simplicity. To keep it look bright, the light striped blue cushions complete the seating set.

Natural Stationary Pallet Chairs

credit: Pallet Wood Projects

Go with this one if you love something that looks naturally classic. You will be taken back to your old grandma’s house by decorating your patio with this seating set.

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