10 Gorgeous and Inspiring Log Home Living Rooms Decoration

Nowadays most of the people like the woody styled house. The rustic one with wood as main material we usually called it log home. Yes, log home is a very great house which can make us attracted and want to stay inside. It looks very cool sometimes to have this kind of house. It is almost everyone’s dreams to have this unique house.

One of best enjoyable part of this kind of house is the living room. The living room in the log home must be very cool. Every detail will make us fascinated. The rustic designed house looks simple, calm, natural, and enjoyable, its impressions can make us feel that we can take a good rest there.

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You have to pay more attention to the living room decor in your log home. The best decor will guide you to the best log home decoration. Here, we have 10 gorgeous log home living rooms decoration to be installed for your important references. Even if you don’t have a log home, you can make your living room as the log home one. Just change the concept, furniture, and accessories to change your living room into the log home style. Choose the very suitable one with your house. Let’s improve our living room more!

10 Gorgeous Log Home Living Rooms Decoration To Be Installed

Bertha Lake Styled

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A smaller log home living room can be decorated as this one. Simple rustic furniture and the best placement idea can make the living room roomier. The best thing for this style is the warming fireplace which so near with the rustic selections and can be much enjoyable for you. The log home character is so strong for this decoration.

Hybrid Log House Concept

Log Home Living Rooms 4
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The strong wood character and the suitable furniture will be the best one to apply in your living room. Rustic furniture gives the best impression of rustic sensation. The warm air from the fireplace is very enjoyable. Reading book or magazine can be so great in this kind of log home living room decor. The combination of wood and natural stone as a material is perfect.

The “Lost” Creek

Log Home Living Rooms 5
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Relaxing your body in this kind of log home living room decor can be very enjoyable. The warming fireplace is one of the best things in log home living room. The wooden material gains the natural looks. A recommended concept for the best decor for your log home living room. Rustic designed house or room has the strong natural character.

The Bright Gatehouse

Log Home Living Rooms 6
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This semi-modern log home living room concept looks suitable. The wooden floor and the stone wall are great combined. You can apply the rustic furniture to give more rustic sense to your living room with log home concept. The brown natural wood color is always interesting to be applied in the house.

White Open Plan Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 7
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The modern one but applied a little bit wooden natural touch. It can be categorized as one of rustic log home living room. It is so simple to be the concept of the modern house living room. You just need the suitable furniture to take this concept to your living room.

Large Country Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 8
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Modern log home living room decor. The bricks arrangement behind the fireplace increases its rustic view. Not many wooden shown, but it is a kinda great decor for your living room for having this kind of decor. Some furniture also can be the perfect complements for this log home living room decoration.

Beach Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 9
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This one also the log home living room decor for the modern house living room. It is most like the ordinary living room, but look around, there is some wooden touch to keep the log home touch for this kind of living room decor. Some unique furniture also can change the impression to the rustic or log home living room. Make it simple but great to look.

Rustic Country Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 10
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The old furniture, fireplace replacement, and the wooden touch to your living room can give the rustic or log home touch. You can have the warming fireplace to keep the air warmer in the cold. Some deer themed furniture and some accessories also increase the log home impression to your rustic living room.

Atlanta Eclectic Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 11
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The log home is identic with wooden as the man material, so is with this living room decoration. The wooden floor and wall are giving the rustic impression. It also has a fireplace near the sofa to keep you warm. But you need some furniture to boost up more log home touch. This one is a simple decoration for your living room too.

Maine Traditional Living Room

Log Home Living Rooms 12
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The last one is the classic designed log home living room concept. Well, you can take some furniture to make this kind of living room more felt rustic. The wooden plafond is so simple and beautiful, the natural color of the wall is great too. The living room set also gives the rustic impression to the living room. You can put a candle holder too for a more beautiful look of your log home living room.

Log Home Living Room Interiors

Log Home Living Rooms 13
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Decorating the log home living room is not an easy thing to do. Log home has the strong wooden characteristic and structure. You have to be careful to add the furniture or accessories to your living room, it is wasteful if it is not the suitable one.

Color Scheme And Tone

The log home doesn’t need to paint, it has its own natural wood color which is unique and attractive. But for the ordinary house need the color to give the log house impression. Or you can add wooden furniture to create your own rustic sensations.

You should choose the natural color to make the natural sense. If you want to add another color, choose one which can balance the color among natural color. You can adapt the color of plants, flowers, land, or other colors around the log house to your living room.

Wooden Accent

To make real the sense of the log house you need to strengthen the wooden material or accent to your living room. It is okay if you have the real log house, you just need the furniture with wood as the material to beautify your living room. The furniture and accessories surely needed to make real the sense of the log house even the main material of your living room is wood.

Log Home Accessories

The next is you need to decorate and put the best accessories to strengthen the impression of the log house. For example, you choose the rustic style, it shows a bit dirty or dusty, but it still looks very artistic. For the fabric material accessories, try to choose the knitted fabric, the fabric with a bit thick and harder material, the suedes, or the animal skins sheet. Minimize the modern accessories, it can harm your log home styled living room a bit.

Log Home Decoration Style

Colonial Style

When you intend to change your living room to the colonial log home style, you just have to put the furniture and accessories according to the functions. Don’t put the useless accessories, it will ruin the simple impressions of this kind of style. Just add the used furniture and accessories for your living room. It is just that simple.

Rustic Style

The rustic decoration more emphasizes the combination of some outdoor elements to the log home living room. The animal motif, wooden furniture, fishing tools, camping tools, and even the hunting tools are great to be displayed in this kind of log home living room style. Adding the oil lamps, fishing rod, web, hood, and other outdoor tools is kinda great for beautifying your rustic log home living room. You can display these tools in every corner of your living room.

Country Style

Most of the log homes have the country style. The motif of flowers is displayed to show the natural impression and strengthen the interior of the log home living room natural view. You can feel the strong natural sense and country touch in your living room by using this kind of style. It is just simple.

Those are some explanations of the tips of decorating the log home living room even in the normal house and the log home styles to apply in your living room. Hopefully, it can be your great references to improve our living room more and more. Don’t forget to save your money and think wisely the kind of style you will apply into your living room. Create the best comfortable, the new atmosphere, and the simple impression. You don’t need the expensive furniture and accessories, just choose the most suitable one for your living room.

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