20 Most Adorable Wood Pallet Table Ideas For Your Patio

When it comes to decorating your patio, furniture must have been on your first list. You can’t miss this one or you will end up having an unenjoyable paved outdoor space. The chairs, tables, and sofas are some must-have additions for your patio.

Some may choose to purchase the branded outdoor furniture to ensure they have ultimate comfort while enjoying the refreshing summer air. But sure, you have to spend quite a lot of cash to bring some of them home. It can be a tricky problem if you have a strict budget.

Well then, for you who prefer to save your money and willing to do some handy jobs, the DIY furniture becomes the best solution. Using those ugly used things that actually very useful to be a surprising outdoor furniture with some magic tricks is never a bad idea. Then, you can’t miss this latest DIY furniture trend which uses the wood pallet as the main material.

Here, we share you some adorable wood pallet table ideas that surely can be your inspiration for your own project. Have fun!

Wood Pallet Table Ideas

Pallet Table with Drawers

This one is a great table which has plenty of storages to put a lot of stuff. You nee some used wood pallets to make this one, and it’s not that hard to make it with a little help from your friends.

Pallet Table with Steel Legs

Sure adding some drawers to your wood pallet table is always a good idea, and you can try this one for your next project. The natural wood motive of this table is totally attractive and enhanced with the cylinder chrome legs.  Such combination makes this table look naturally modern.

Small Pallet Table with Spacious Storage

wood pallet table ideas 3

Credit: Etsy

If you want something much simpler, yet still provides good function, you can go with this one. This table is so simple yet has spacious storages underneath its top. The natural dark brown finish is always a good choice to match with any of your patio styles.

Mini Pallet Bar

This piece of cake wood pallet ideas is so simple yet adorable. You’ll just need 2 wood pallets and some concrete bars then you can get this one. It is so useful to decorate your outdoor space.

Modern Pallet Table

wood pallet table ideas 5

Credit: Homedit

If you want something which looks more modern, this white pallet table with glass tabletop is surely a good one. The combination of white and clear glass creates such a dazzling modern appearance for your patio.

Gray Washed Pallet Table

wood pallet table ideas 6

Credit: 99 Pallets

The originality of this table’s design is fabulous. The pallets are placed in certain position, creating a nice table with some spacious storages. The use of gray washed is totally beautiful to make it look more attractive.

Pallet Table with Window Top

wood pallet table ideas 7

Credit: Jolene Rydell

Look at this one! The used pallet and window panel is combined to create a stunning creative table. It looks so vintage that will add such a different atmosphere to your patio style. The storage under the tabletop is adequate enough to put some books, newspapers, or snacks.

Sophisticated Pallet Table

Call this wood pallet table ideas a fascinating DIY furniture, the features of this one is totally surprising. You can raise the side of the table and slide the other one to reveal the storage underneath. The raised part can be used to put a TV, while the other side is used for the coffee cups.

Pallet Table with Decorative Top

The beautiful pallet table with the lovely decorative top on its side. This one uses the beach-themed decorations to create a fresh touch to the design. You can adapt this classic table style with your own favorite decorations.

Futuristic Pallet Table

wood pallet table ideas 10

Credit: Pallet Idea

This one is absolutely amazing! The design is totally distinctive and will just turn your patio into a furniture gallery. The legs are brilliant as the base of the long rectangular wood tabletop.

Pallet Table with Raised Top

Another pallet table idea with some mechanical stuff that makes the top is raiseable. The table looks simply gorgeous with its all-white finish.

Pallet Table with Pyramid Legs

wood pallet table ideas 12

Credit: Regis Design

The simple yet beautiful pallet table with black steel legs in attractive rectangular shapes. It is such a great combination which creates a natural and modern look at the same time.

Pallet Table with Single Leg

wood pallet table ideas 13

Credit: Wood Save

The lovely pallet table wich looks simply fabulous with its single leg. It is an easy DIY project that you can make in a blink of an eye.

Pallet Table with Rocky Legs

It is a super creative wood pallet table ideas which use a rack of stones as its legs. The table is not really complicated to build yet will decorate your patio beautifully.

Mini Coffee Pallet Table

wood pallet table ideas 15

Credit: 99 Pallets

Adorable coffee table made of the wood pallets that is totally worth to try. The design is totally gorgeous with its natural finish.

Pallet Table with Steel Top

wood pallet table ideas 16

Credit: Fresh Ideen

The industrial-themed table which uses a steel as its top. It creates such a unique table design for your outdoor space.

Colorful Pallet Table

wood pallet table ideas 17

Credit: Homelisty

The vibrant colorful pallet table which will be a wonderful focal point of your patio. You’ll need to paint same wood pallets in different colors, and one wood sheet or its top. It’s also a good choice for the kid’s area in your beautiful backyard.

Mini Pallet Island

wood pallet table ideas 18

Credit: Pallet Idea

This small pallet table can be used as a small island in your outdoor kitchen. The design is very simple yet so useful for your outdoor grill party. Look at the color combination which looks definitely mesmerizing.

Pallet Table with Hidden Ice Chest

wood pallet table ideas 19

Credit: Pallet IdeaS

The smart wood pallet table design which also works well for your outdoor kitchen. The ice chest underneath the tabletop provides you convenient when you have BBQ party on your patio.

Chess Pallet Table

Adding a unique touch to your DIY wood pallet project doesn’t always need some tricky efforts. This chess table is the simple way to create the table looks more attractive.

Those are some beautiful wood pallet table ideas for your inspiration. You can copy the design and have one on your patio!

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