See How This Dog’s Hilarious Expression When He Falls into a Warm Cozy Hot Tub (He’s literally singing!)

As hot tub is one of the most favorite relaxing assets for many homeowners, its popularity never fades away. For ages, the hot tub has been used to soothe our stiff body and improve our health.

The cozy hot water combined with the smooth stream of water from the jets are just a perfect combination to find peace after those tiring hours. It’s so true that the benefits of the hot tub are undeniable.

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Dogs are known for its love-hate relationship with water. They can swim professionally on the deep water, but sometimes they just hate to even touch it.

Here, meet Cuzzie, the cute pooch who seems to enjoy the relaxing hydrotherapy sensation of the hot tub. You can hear how he’s moaning and even singing while having his back soothed by the water streams.

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His expression is so irresistible that you can’t help but to laugh for. He just stays there, soaking his body cozily in the hot tub with his pure cute expression.

Watch this video to find out Cuzzie’s hilarious expression below!

If you think that he may suffer enjoying the hot tub, don’t worry, dogs have quite higher temperature than us so they won’t have a problem to soak their body in warm the hot tub.

You may also notice that red spot under his collar that looks like a wound, but it’s actually not. The red spot is just dye from the collar that appeared on Cuzzie’s neck.

So, he’s totally enjoying himself in the hot tub without any harm!

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