2017 Most Popular Kitchen Feature That You Have To Own

The joyful diner? Fun cooking time? Hours and hours chat time? You can do all of them in one room. Yeap, it’s kitchen, the heart of the house that many homeowners always try their best to keep it as comfortable as possible. That is why that the most popular home improvement starts with the kitchen remodel.

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You must’ve browsed a lot of mesmerizing kitchen makeovers to get some beautiful inspirations. You will find the stunning color combination, brilliant furniture arrangement, or some sophisticated features are opted to remodel the kitchen. Then, you can always choose the layout that meets your requirement and adopt the style to your own kitchen.

To help you in finding a good reference to remodel your kitchen, here we share you some most popular kitchen features of 2017 for your project.

2017 Most Popular Kitchen Features

Wood Grain Cabinet

As the largest feature of the kitchen, cabinet always holds a huge role in influencing the kitchen’s overall look. Then, the most favorite today is those with natural wood finish both in traditional or modern style. When you browse for the latest kitchen design idea, you will find many homeowners choose the grain wood cabinet to beautify their kitchen.

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Whether it’s classic or modern, the wood grainy wood cabinet is never a bad idea to consider about. It will add the natural and earthy touch to the kitchen and definitely create an inviting atmosphere around. If you prefer the safety rule, you can install a modern cabinet with wood grain for your sophisticated kitchen style, and vice versa.

Besides those with the natural brown finish, kitchen cabinets with the earthy rustic finish in calming colors like gray or white are also the most favorite ones.

Kitchen Island

Don’t ever miss kitchen island in your kitchen remodel project plan. This built-in kitchen feature enhances the beauty and function of your kitchen at the same time. You will have a perfect spot to entertain the guests and also build a refreshing focal point in the room.

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Adopt the overall style of your kitchen to inspire the design of the kitchen island that you should build. By so many interesting kitchen bar stools, designing your new kitchen island will way more fun.

Something to consider is that the marble-topped kitchen island is the most popular kitchen features. Besides its sparkling appearance, the marble top also provides you the convenience to perform your inner pastry skill.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Sure, those black or white kitchen appliances look attractive, but still, the stainless ones are the most popular kitchen features this year. Besides its dazzling appearance that makes your kitchen look more fascinating, stainless steel kitchen features are also considered more durable. That’s why the American homeowners adore them so much over the other finishes.

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Some homeowners choose to mix and match the stainless steel finished appliances with others to create a more varied look rather than the monochromic one.

Wooden Look Flooring

Still wonder what kind of flooring that you should pick for your kitchen? Well, the wooden one surprisingly still gains its popularity after all these years. No matter what material you choose besides the real wood tile like vinyl or laminate, the wooden flooring is the great idea to add an up to date look to your kitchen.

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Indeed, the earthy stuff will always add comfort and coziness to the whole room’s atmosphere. While the vinyl and laminate are way more durable, the wooden one is the Mother Nature’s best friend for the more eco-friendly kitchen.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Today you will easily find a mesmerizing hanging light in various styles in the market. The vintage one is considered as the most-adored style to decorate the kitchen. Choosing such style will never disappoint you, and definitely, create a more relaxing sense to the room.

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Those with bronze, oil-rubbed, or black finish are more likely to be applied due to its versatility to match with modern or classic kitchen style.

Sophisticated Pull-Out Faucet

One of the small features of the kitchen yet so useful for daily use. The faucet is a thing that you can’t just miss out when you remodel your kitchen. Today the pull out one is mostly adored due to its easy operation.

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For the look, the old chrome finish is said to be the everlasting trend. The brass faucet may seem more attractive, but if you prefer to go more safely in following the trend, chrome is always a wiser choice.

Showed-up Utensils Rack

Adapted from the kitchen’s restaurant, this utensil rack really shows off your garment chef skill. Besides creating the distinctive look to the kitchen, it also provides convenient while you are dealing with those food ingredients.

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The thing is, you should make the arrangement as artful as possible by placing some cute decorations on the rack.

Tiles Backsplash

With dozens of various backsplash style, it may be tempting to choose the one that you love to choose. The tile backsplash actually makes its comeback this year. It enhances your kitchen’s value and also provides convenience for you to maintain it. There are various tile backsplash variants that you can choose to match with kitchen style.

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As a little suggestion, the bigger tiles are the most up to date style.

Commercial Kitchen Shelf

You can adapt this shelving to your kitchen to provide huge storage for your stuff. Placing huge cereal boxes and small appliances on this shelf will make you easier to get your thing whenever you need it.

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Those are some 2017 most popular kitchen features that worth to consider when you are about to remodel your kitchen. The inspiration is taken from the most-chosen features that the homeowners across the U.S. and U.K. install for their kitchen remodel project. You can always choose the feature that suits your needs and fits your kitchen design.

Remember to always think about how much budget that you should spend to remodel your kitchen. It can be a super pricey project when you don’t decide to purchase the features wisely. Therefore, doing a deep research about how much the features’ will cost you is also important besides looking up their best designs.

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