Feel The Sensation of Sailing on The Hot Tub Boat around Lake Union in Seatle

For some people having the hydrotherapy sensation of soaking your body in a hot tub is enough, but for others, it is not that satisfying. And if you are among the “others”, then you should go to the Lake Union in Seattle.

Here, for real, you can rent a hot tub that floats on the lake, so you basically enjoying the hot tub moment while cruising around the lake. The Hot Tub Boats is the Seattle-based company which makes this thing happened.

The Hot Tub Boats manufacture their own world’s first and only hot tub boat that will give you a very unforgettable experience. The boat contains a 6-person hot tub with 104 degrees Fahrenheit maximum temperature.

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Spend your money for $350 for full two hours hot tub cruising, and $100 for another additional hour. It means that if you bring 5 friends to fill up the hot tub, you will need $60 for each person to pay. The hot tub boat is available to rent all year, no matter how the weather is.

For maximum entertainment, hot tub boat is equipped with the waterproof speakers and built-in ice chest. So you can just bring ‘yourself’ without bringing anything to have the best floating hot tub party (a portable disco light may help in the night).

You can easily drive the boat without any needs of professional cruising experience. Just by using a convenient joystick, you are ready to bring the boat anywhere on the Lake Union or Portage Bay.

Go register yourself at Hot Tub Boats official hot tub, you can book the boat as soon as 12 hours prior online and up to a year in advance!

But wait, there are some rules and regulations that you should know when you use the hot tub boats, like:

  • You can’t bring more than 6 people to enjoy the hot tub
  • No any kind of alcohol and drugs are allowed to consume on the boat
  • Barbequing from the boat is prohibited
  • The boat can only be operated by someone above 18 years old
  • You can’t enter the Montlake Cut near the Fremont Bridge

Well, those rules are not the big deal though, you can still have a very fun hot tub boat party with bunch of your friends around the lake.

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Buy Your Own Hot Tub Boat!

But, if you want to bring your very own hot tub boat home (without any needs to follow those rules), you can purchase one by spending about $42,000. It may sound lots, but it’s totally worth it.

hot tub boat 5-min

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For further information, below are some features of the hot tub boats that you may get interested to buy:

  • In-tub driving by using 24-volt joystick system
  • Onboard heater
  • Custom seating
  • Deck-mounted ice chest
  • Waterproof stereo with wired remote
  • Pop-up speakers
  • Dual-battery isolation system

You will get a 15′ L boat with the built-in 8′ L x 4′ W x 24” Depth hot tub with all of those interesting features home. That’s quite a nice infestation for your great relaxing time.

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So, are you ready to go to the Lake Union in Seattle to have an unforgettable experience of hot tub boat? Share this exciting news to your friend and pack your own hot tub party stuff now!

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