DIY Hot Tub Kit: The Material and The Instructions for Homemade Hot Tub

Hot tub kit is certainly the most important things that we need to enjoy the spa and therapy. Without the kit, of course, we cannot do the spas or therapy, right? A kit is a container to accommodate the water.  Many people use the hot tub kit with a variety of model and materials. The kinds of hot tub come from the stainless, the wood and others material.

Here, we explain about the hot tub kit made from the wood. Wood becomes a popular and great choice of many people. It is caused by the naturally and originality the material. When we use the wood, it means that we are back to nature. So, there are many bathers which love doing the spa and therapy naturally with freshness. That all come from wood. When you use the wood hot tub kit and do the spa at the garden which is full of trees, actually, it is an unforgettable moment for you. Especially, when you are getting the therapy and spa after work, certainly your stressful of daily activities will go away.


DIY Hot Tub Kit

diy hot tub kit
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Actually, the hot tub kit just needs some tools that support in making the hot tub. We also share the DIY hot tub kit video from



The tools:

  1. Electric drill
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Rubber mallet
  4. 1/8″ wood drill bit
  5. Saw
  6. Hack
  7. Utility knife
  8. 2 adjustable wrenches

The Steps In Making Hot Tub Kit

Step 1

The first step that you have to do is choosing the great place that might support to place the hot tub. Certainly, you can choose the garden, the backyard or the spot you need. Then, preparing the tools and the materials and make sure that the materials are complete.

Step 2

After the material and the place is provided, you need to clean the place to soak away the dust and the dirt that is spread in it. You can clean it using the broom, the feathers, or the tool cleaner.

Step 3

Then, size the place based on the hot tub size that you will build. You can provide 59″W x 78″L to get the larger spot.

Step 4

Built the foundation with using the cast concrete wall to hold the hot tub to be a strength.

Step 5

For this step, arrange the wood that is nailed to the timber or board. Position it on the place.

Step 6

After the base or floor done, next you have to install the stave that is set around the floor. You can stick it using the big nail or

Step 7

The stave is done, then, you have to install the seats. Make sure that you have to install the seats as comfortable as possible.

Step 8

Next, you have to install the plumbing to flow the water that connects to the hot tub heater. You can use the water that is pumped from the wells, kitchen faucet or boreholes.

Step 9

Finally, you can really enjoy your spa and relaxing therapy using the wood hot tub kit. Good Luck!


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