How to Use Bromine Tablets for Hot Tub with Clear Guide

Setting up and maintaining the hot tub or spa water using the Bromine is an easy way to do.  For a little more know, Bromine is an important chemical sanitizer that is going to keep the bacteria in the water and prevent the disease abroad. The high water temperature can provide the chlorine ineffective. So, the bromine tablets will be stable at higher temperature and matches for sanitizer of hot tubs and spas.

The bromine existence is very useful for many people that always do the spa and therapy as their routine activities. The bromine tablet is a best-selling product for hot tub sanitizer, although, lots of people do not know about the step in setting up the bromine.

The Step to Set Up the Bromine Tablets for Hot Tubs

bromine tablets for hot tub
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Our article will give you the instruction about how to set up bromine tablets for hot tubs clearly. Here are the steps that might help you to do it.

Step 1

This is the first step that you have to do. Test the basic fill water and understand to balance it is really needed. You can test the PH water and Alkalinity Levels like the Calcium hardness Level. The kits that you can use are probably available at home but it is better to look for it to the local pool or spa store nearby for more professional set up. We think that they ready and able to test it for you.

Step 2

For the second step, you have to organize the Alkalinity Level for 80-120 PPM ideally. It will help the PH water levels sturdy and stable. You can choose the Alkalinity Increaser by several brands. Meanwhile, we recommend the Alkalinity by Bio Guard. It will give you the exact level what you need. The instruction and the level of Alkalinity are provided in the bottles or you can test it at the store.

Step 3

For this step, you should set the PH level between 7.4 – 7.6. Adding the chemicals to arrange this setting is very needed.  You have to use PH Decreaser and PH Increaser to set the PH Level. In addition, you can only need a couple of tablespoons to get the exact spot.

Step 4

Calcium Hardness evaluates the total of late calcium in the water. Certainly, you are going to get the calcium deposits in your equipment and tools if the calcium is too high. Meanwhile, if the calcium is too low or soft, it is going to ruin your tools and equipment. About 150-250 is the ideal level. Furthermore, you can use the Scale and Stain products for protecting your equipment if the water is too hard. While you can use Calcium hardness Increaser if the water is too soft.

Step 5

This step asks you to add the bromine to your spa water. You can add the Bromine when the water is balanced.  If you use the tablets, it is better for you to put in 2-3 and give it a boost about 2 tablespoons of Bromine powdered concentrate. Certainly, it will great alternative for your water.

Step 6

For the sixth step, if you really want the water clear and clean, you can get it easily. You can also use a non-Chlorine Shock to shock the spa water. The product can you choose such as Bioguard Spa Shock. It is probably to clear the water from any additional contaminants.

Step 7

Finally, the spa water has been set up. The water is going to balance immediately. The next step, you might think how to keep it maintained. Certainly, you will prepare the care protector material or great equipment to always keep the spa water.

Of course, you will need some acts to maintain the water. At least, you have to do some acts on a once-weekly basic below generally. Firstly, you can shock the hot tub. Then, pour 2-3 tablespoons of shock using the jets running and wait for 15 minutes. After that, you can test the water for PH, Bromine and alkalinity levels using the test strips or test kits. Generally, the Bromine is set for level 3-5 parts/million. After you shock the Bromine, you will see for a higher number. But you do not worry, it just keeps the alkalinity with range and the PH is going to stay great stable soon.

Surely, you want your hot tub water spa always clean, clear and purify. Therefore, you have to a little bit tired of keeping and protecting it in order to the hot tub getting long-lasting.

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