SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet 4-Person Blow Up Hot Tub Walmart | Features & Review

Nowadays, there is so many variants hot tub that develop among the world. As well as for blow up the hot tub, it is designed by using great features and excellent tools. This hot tub is very good choice for you because it comes with affordable price and flexible to go anywhere spa. The SaluSpa Realtree MAX-5 AirJet does not need to the installation professionally because it is completed by easy insulated. The hot tub will look perfectly with setting up on the lawn or wooden checking. The Saluspa is a perfect for shooting the sore muscle and body aches after a hard working or playing all day along. Completed by a relaxing AirJet system and 1040 F (400 C) water temperature adds the blow up hot tub getting it very useful to therapy.

Furthermore, the hot tub even easy expands using the spa’s pump. The SaluSpa is supplied with an installed floor to getting easy drain valve. The built-in air chamber and the strengthen cover with safety locks hold the installation if the spa doesn’t use. The hot tub also offers the two easy-lift handles to move the spa easily when it is empty. With Real tree MAX-5 print outside and mosaic print inside add the perfection spa to hide and dissimulate from the rest of the world.

SaluSpa Realtree MAX-Z AirJet 4 Person Portable

Blow Up Hot Tub


blow up hot tub walmart
Credits: SaluSpa Realtree

The Features

Outer walls with fabric-coated Realtree MAX-5 material

Soothing AirJet system

Sturdy I-Beam construction to give superior structural stability

Power Saving System: Heats up to 1040 F (400 C) and controlled heating system and button start/stop automatically timer

Easy and fast setup — blows using the spa’s pump

Realtree MAX-5 print outside and Mosaic print inside

Soft with installed floor with simple drain valve

Built-in air chamber for installation and Strengthen cover with safety locks

Digitally-controlled pump complete with LED Display and touchscreen control panel

2 lift handles to move the spa easily (when empty)

Including 1 inflatable cover, 1 inflatable spa, and 1 spa pump full of an AirJet system, a repair patch, 1 chemical floater, and 2 filter cartridges (VI)

The pump is equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) which is not supererogatory 6mA


The Specification

 Brand  Realtree
 Color  White and Multicolor
 Model  14133
 Manufacturer Number  14133
 Assembly Required  Yes


The Review of Saluspa Realtree MAX-Z AirJet 4 Person Portable Blow Up Hot Tub


Many customers said that the price of blow up hot tub is very affordable. The price of Saluspa Realtree MAX-Z is $299.00- last year at this time for $300.00 at Walmart. So, it is a cheap one price for a kind of blow up the hot tub.

Design & Appearance

Certainly, the design of SaluSpa blow up hot tub is really adorable and luxurious with an elegant color cabinet. With the calm color adds the hot tub more beautiful appearance. The hot tub is so simple to design but appearing the good one.


Generally, the hot tub actually uses the less energy system and little smaller to heat up faster. The hot tub is available for 2 people of this spa. Setting up in the backyard or basement with heat water from 440 – 1040, it is going to stay the temperature about 750 around 12 hours when it’s off.  The amazing cover maintains the products. There’s also the plug like caps that you can screw to allow hose hook up.

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