Bullfrog Hot Tub Spas Model A8 with Premium Features and Specifications

This hot tub offers for 8-person that set for giving comfort, relax and calmness for users. This premium hot tub offers your spa in quality time that makes you comfortable and enjoyable relaxing spa. Moreover,  You can also invite your family and friends to join in spending time for fun together. The Model A8 Bullfrog hot tub is completed by the exclusive features to sets it more adorable and classic but luxurious. The hot tub that up to 8 people make the hot tub spa good for your big family. Model A8 is designed with the wide comfort with 6 JetPacks and open layout so as you will really enjoy a great and strong massage. Furthermore, the Bullfrog hot tub is set using the unique foot therapy which is useful for your embodied foot therapy massage. Here are also the features and the specification of Bullfrog Model A8.

The Features

bullfrog hot tub
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Credits: Bullfrog Spas

Stunning and Great Design

With the luxurious and beautiful display design the Bullfrog hot tub. The hot tub offers the ergonomic layout ensuring a unique and great massage sensation. You can also place the hot tub at the patio, backyard or garden to get the fresh air and relaxing.

JetPak Therapy System

The Bullfrog hot tub is really good for therapy.  It has been completed by a patent and unique technology that provides about 16 different message sensations. With choosing and placing them in the spa seat, automatically, you will feel unforgettable spa experience.

Premium Spa Lighting

This spa series appears the amazing refraction lighting to get the good mood for relaxation. Choosing the warm yellow, cool blue and another color that appear between your relaxing spas add perfectly therapy.

This hot tub is completed by exterior lighting for safety, a power indicator light, back-lit water features, lighted cup holders and great full-color in-spa lighting.

EnduraFrameTM Construction

EnduraFrameTM that support highly engineered structure to get perfectly spa constructs the hot tub. The Bullfrog spa is well-known as 100% that leads in wood-free spa technology. BY no using wood that will warp soon, the hot tub uses a sophisticated technology instead. So, the Bullfrog hot tub is going to be durable and long-lasting for years to come.

Premium Control System

As you know that Bullfrog spa always appears with new innovation and technology. As well as for control system, with a simple monitor, you can control your spa via smartphone or App-mobile phone using data signal or Wi-Fi. The Spa series also can detect the jets message for an auxiliary control system. The system can control the lighting, jets, water temperature etc.

WellSpringTM Water Care System

Furthermore, this system keeps the water to be clear and clean with a large filter system for filtration. Certainly, the water goes through the filters in each filtration cycle. In addition, the system also turns water 10 times higher than a standard industry that ascertains the spa water stay pure, clean and crystal clear. So, you can spend the relaxing with water care system.


 Metric Dimensions (W x H x L) 2.39m x .97m x 2.39m
 Standard Dimension (W x H x L) 7′-10′ x 38″ x 7’10”
 Seating Capacity 8-person
 Premium Bucket Seats 4-Person
 Bucket Seats 7-Person
 Child Seats/ Cool Down 1-kids
 Lounger Seats 0
 Maximum Filled Weight Including Cover 758 lbs./6409 lbs (344 kg/2907 kg)
 Water Capacity 540 Gallons (2044 Liters)
 Premium Stiff Spa Cover for All Colors Standard
 EternaWoodTM Cabinet  Standard
 EnduraFrame Const/Molded Base/Full-Foam  Standard
 Total Pump Continuous Duty HorsePower 5.0 HP
 Total Pump Brake Horsepower 9.6 BHP
 Elite Audio (Bluetooth, FM Radio, etc.)  Optional
 High-Performance Industrial 56-Frame Pumps Two 4.88HP 2-Speed
 WellSpringTM Quite Circulation Pumps Optional
 Exterior Yard Speaker Optional
 WellSpringTM Premium Ozone Optional
 Interior LED Light Standard
 Exterior LED Lighting Standard
 Top Rail LED Lighting Standard
 Dual Filter Element Standard
 Large Lighted Water Feature Standard
 JetPaks AcrylicMatch Standard
 Footwell Drain Fitting for Exterior Drain Standard
 Automatic Filtration in JetPods Standard
 Rounded Corner Jets Standard
 Jetpack with Detachable ComfortFitPillows 6
 Maximum Jets Availabe 266
 Wrist, Hip, Foot, Leg Jets 14
 Interior Color Cinnabar, Sandstone, Mirage, Sapphire

Midnight, Pearls,  Titanium, Platinum,and  Sunset

 Standard Cabinet Color DriftWood, Mahogany, Hazelnut,
 Premium Cabinet Color Ivory and Slate


 EnduraFrameTM Support Structure Lifetime Warranty
 Shell Structure 10-Year Warranty
 Shell Surface  7-Year Warranty
 Equipment 5-Year Warranty
 Lighting 1-Year Warranty

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