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Hot Tub Albuquerque was established in 2001 by Steve Nelson, but he has been involved in such business since 1997. With the motto “Hot Tubs Albuquerque, a new way to shop for your spa”, many costumers have been satisfied not only by their products, but also the friendly customer service.

The shop only specifically sells hot tub without any products, so it really focuses to offer the best hot tub which suits with your desire. Also, you will be given a three to five years warranty on equipment and up to seven years warranty on the cabinet. It offers the thirty days upgrade policy that makes it a very recommended dealer to purchase a good quality hot tub.

Selling 20 hot tub models of Dimension One Spas, you will easily find any hot tub model that you wish to own one. There are four collections of Dimension One Spas that you can find in Hot Tub Albuquerque, which are Reflection, Bay, At Home, and AquaFIT Collection. Here we have some quick and brief reviews of their collections.


Hot Tub Albuquerque


hot tub albuquerque
credit: Hot Tub Albuquerque


At Home Collection

Let’ start with the most affordable collection. At Home is the first collection that you have to consider when you want to own a spa without spending too much cost. It has 8 models starting from the smallest one with 3 seats and the biggest one with 7 seats. The models really suit for family use.

at home collection
credit: Mountain Mist Spas

Spend your money starting from $5,195 to $9,995 for this collection.


Reflection Collection

The Reflection offers more advanced technology and performance with more sophisticated feature than At Home collection. The features give you variety relaxing system to give you better spa experience.

reflection collection
credit: Aquastil Piscines

There are 8 models with 3 to 7 person size, and Reflection’s price is starting from $8,495 to $15,395.


Bay Collection

This model is for those who seek for luxury. It offers the most innovated features to give you the greatest spa experience at your own home. It doesn’t only offer you a finest relaxing sensation, but also the glamorous look of the hot tub itself. Of course, the cost is high, but it is quite reasonable for the fancy features that this collection offers.


bay collection
credit: S&W Pool and Spas


The Bay Collection has 4 models with 3 and 7 seat size, and the price starts from $12,995 to $20,995.


AquaFIT Collection

The last collection offers the extra features that you can have than a regular relaxing hot tub. The AquaFIT collection combines the spa experience with workout feature which really suits your healthy lifestyle. This is not just an ordinary spa collection, but also perfect pools to enjoy with your family anytime.

aqua fit collection
credit: Whirlpool and Living

The smallest size has 156″ x 92″ x 52″ dimension, and the biggest one has 228″ x 90″ x 62″ dimension. The AquaFit is the most expensive collection of all, with the price starts from $22, 995 to $41,595.

With many spa variants that are offered by Hit Tub Albuquerque, you can choose the best model which is most suitable for your needs and budgets. You should also consider the maintenance cost that you should pay after you put one at your home.

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