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Today, most of us work from home which forces us to turn a room into a cozy office. It means that you have to deal with some decorating technique which is not only about beauty, but also maximum comfort to boost your productivity.

How to Decorate Windowless Home Office
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The job can get much harder when you only have one unused room left which happens to be small and has no window. It’s so possible that you will end up having a cramped room that doesn’t look and feel appealing at all.

Here, we share a simple guide on How to Decorate Windowless Home Office, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How to Decorate Windowless Home Office

How to Decorate Windowless Home Office 1
Photo by ricardorv30 on Pixabay

Choose Light Shade

Of course, choosing a dark shade for a windowless office is a bad idea. It will create a gloomy nuance in a cramped room.

Pastel shades are great options since they can create a larger impression and airier nuance. Unlike the dark shades that absorb light inside the room, pastel shades reflect the light all around which gives a cozy vibe even when the room isn’t illuminated by natural outdoor lights.

You don’t have to always choose pure white to colorize the walls and ceiling since it can actually make the room look gloomier in certain light settings. It’s also a good idea to give the room a more colorful overall look by choosing blush pink, sage, soft grey, and powdery blue. They can make the room look and feel cheerful but still keeps the calm nuance around.

Install vertical storage stations

A windowless home office can get so cramped easily without you realizing it. You may find that it’s too hard to even walk around when you put too many things on the floor.

To handle this circumstance, you can benefit from the walls to store your stuff by installing hanging storage like floating shelves and cabinets. However, make sure that those hanging storage stations don’t block the lights from the ceiling lamp which will make the room look dark.

Learn to light up the room properly

In a home office without natural light, you can’t just simply install some lighting fixtures. It’s a wise idea to learn how many lights will properly brighten up each spot of the room so you can get a perfectly airy overall look. Keep in mind that it’s not only about the number the lights but also what kind of lights that you use.

A single light fixture that you install in the center of the ceiling doesn’t really work for a windowless home office. It’s because the light will be centered and most of the space inside the room isn’t illuminated properly.

Consider installing additional lighting sources like desk lamps and hidden lamps that you tuck behind the storage stations or furniture. They will help illuminate the hidden spots and brighten up the room overall. You can also add some string lights in the space between the ceiling and wall to create a larger impression.

Choose the furnishing wisely

When you have a small dark home office, you can’t really buy just any furniture that you think looks so catchy. You may end up filling the room carelessly which even turns the room into a gloomier space.

The key is that you have to go minimalist in terms of choosing the numbers and design of furniture. Choose a chair and table with slim legs and a sleek structure that can let the light come through.

As mentioned above, floating storage stations work better for a windowless home office since you can empty the space on the floor to create an airy nuance.

Add some indoor plants

In a home office with some windows, you can still feel the freshness of the natural breeze, but not in the windowless one. But no worries, some indoor plants that you bring to the room can keep it fresh and airy.

Since the sunlight doesn’t come through the room regularly. you need to choose indoor plants that can survive in a low-light environment like peperomia obtusifolia, snake plant, aloe vera, and calathea. You might want to bring the plants outside to keep them alive.

Don’t ignore the flooring

Though you have colored the walls with pastel shades, the room will still feel cramped if the flooring accent is smaller than its square footage. You can choose simple tiles that don’t overwhelm the nuance of the room.

It’s also important to choose tiles that flow beautifully with the decorating style of the room. A home office with a harmonious overall look provides a seamless and open nuance.

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Consider fake window

What it means by the fake window here means that you can add a decor item that reflects lights. A mirror is definitely an easy option that will make your room feel wider. You can simply hang a mirror on one side of the room to extend its limited space.

In addition to the mirror, a literal fake window is also a good idea. It doesn’t mean that you hang a window on your wall, but you can choose wall art that features window panes or paintings.

However, keep in mind to never overdo the decor of the room. You always have to see whether its limited space is proper enough to be decorated as such.

Keep it smell good

Though the room may be small, it still feels cozy when it smells good, so you can invest in an essential oil diffuser to complete the feature inside. You can see how it creates a huge impact on your productivity.

Make it personal

Put some personal stuff like your partner’s or pet’s framed photographs on your desk that can make you love to stay inside the room for hours every single day. You can also put your favorite books close to your desk to distract your eyes from the monitor between your workloads.

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