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6 Premium Fiberglass In-ground Swimming Pool Under $10000

Fiberglass In-ground Swimming Pool

Fiberglass becomes an alternative choice to have a swimming pool at home because many people love in getting something simple. Nowadays, people prefer the installing the fiberglass in-ground than building the swimming pool. The reason is that the fiberglass is more durable and long-lasting in use for years to come. Although you desire to have […]

Tips on Choosing a Trusted Swimming pool Services Company

swimming pool services

When the summer is coming, actually you’ll use the swimming pool as often as possible. No wonder if you invite your friends to join swimming in your pool during the summer.  So, it is a reason for you to give the swimming pool a service to get the comfortable pool as you want. You must […]

7 Affordable Swimming Pool Furniture That May Be Suitable for You

swimming pool furniture

Having the swimming pool furniture becomes the hot trending for some people today. Therefore, some stores provided a variety of pool furniture have been visited by people who really love swimming pool. The reason why they choose the swimming pool furniture is to make the pool as comfortable as possible when they are swimming or […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Swimming Pool Contractors Near You

swimming pool contractor

Building a swimming pool with service contractor is a simple way that you choose to get the desired pool. However, you must be careful in choosing the swimming pool contractors, because some contractor precisely gives a bad service. It is caused by the low price or not professional works. So, here are some tips for […]

DIY: How to Do Swimming Pool Installation with Easy Step

swimming pool installation

Before you decide to install the swimming pool, actually, you should prepare the things below to complete you swimming pool installation.     The Tools You’ll Need:  1. Large channel Lock pliers  2. 1 3/4″ hole saw  3. Screwdriver  4. Carpenter’s square and level  5. Adjustable wrench  6. Broom  7. Socket set  8. Hacksaw  9. 50 feet tape measure  10. Hose […]

What is Fiberglass Swimming Pool? | How to Install, Pros and Cons

fiberglass swimming pool

Fiberglass is a molten glass drawn into a thin fiber with a diameter about 0.005 mm – 0.01 mm. The fibers can be spun into yarn which is impregnated with resin in order to become a powerful material. Furthermore, the corrosion resistance is used for swimming pool, automobile bodies, or may be ship building.  The […]

5+ Attractive Swimming Pool Tile to Get Wonderful Design

Sky Blue Mix Tile

Tile is one important thing in building the room. Furthermore, tile can give the beautiful effect for certain room. As well as for swimming pool, tile has the significant role to give more interesting design.  So, if you are planning to apply the tiles to your swimming pool, here are some swimming pool tile ideas […]

6 Recommended Swimming Pool Paint Under $80 For Painting Your Pool

swimming pool paint

Painting is one of interesting activities that can get the nice result for everything in our life. Certainly, without paint, the color of place is getting bored, right? You just see the black or white color. As well as for the swimming pool that have to be paint as wonderful as possible to give the […]

Things to Know About Natural Swimming Pool | Definition, DIY, Pros and Cons

natural swimming pool

Nowadays, many people desire to get something natural for everything in their life. This allows them to lead in doing anything related to naturalness. As well as for the swimming pool, people are not depended on the common pool but today they glance to a natural swimming pool. So, what is exactly natural swimming pool? […]