20 Most Mesmerizing Natural Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Steal

Natural swimming pools become more popular than the traditional one recently. It’s because the pools which depend on the kindness of mother nature to manage it sound much better to try.

Firstly, you will not need to deal with the harsh swimming pools chemical which we all know can be quite dangerous for our health. Then, the natural swimming pool will make your outdoor space look naturally awesome which everyone will love.

Though the maintenance of natural swimming pool can be a little bit trickier, it’s still totally worth a try. You will find that it will be such a great addition to your beloved home that will give you so many benefits.

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For you who are tempted to include a natural swimming pool to your home improvement plan, here we have picked some inspiring design for your reference. They look so amazing which makes them so worth to copy.

So let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of natural swimming pool design ideas!

Natural Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Surround it with Rocks

natural swimming pool design 1-min

The beautiful natural swimming pool which use rocks to decorate its overall look. It’s then colorized by some greeneries which also work to maintain the pool naturally.

Make it Greenly Spacious

natural swimming pool design 2-min

It’s surely a great idea to make a natural swimming pool design with large spacious since it provides the very great comfort. Here, the plantations inside and outside the pool make it look naturally beautiful.

Blend it with Nature

natural swimming pool design 3-min

The design of this natural swimming pool is a great choice for you who want to enjoy the superb natural sensation. It’s fully surrounded by lots of plants which make it look seamlessly integrated with nature.

Pool inside a Pool

natural swimming pool design 19

The stunning natural swimming pool with the pool in pool style which looks so inspiring to copy. It has the small round pool area which is installed under the shallow water.

The rocky surrounding creates an exhilarating natural oasis vibe perfectly.

2-in-1 Pool

natural swimming pool design 4-min

If you have quite spacious outdoor space, building this kind of natural swimming pool design can be a good option to try. It’s a 2-in-1 pool in which one area is designed without any plants while the other one is filled with some gorgeous greeneries.

Keep it Rustic

natural swimming pool design 5-min

Building a natural swimming pool is surely a tempting consideration to enhance the function of your backyard. This swimming pool design with rustic rocks decoration blends beautifully with the deck and pergola of the yard.

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Long Narrow Pool

natural swimming pool design 6-min

The beautiful long-narrow natural swimming pool complete with the long deck which enhances the beauty and comfort of the pool at the same time. It’s a good inspiration for you who want to have a medium natural swimming pool.

Traditional Layout

natural swimming pool design 7-min

The curvy line, rustic material, and shallow water are of this natural swimming pool design will remind you of the traditional nuance. It looks so beautiful to give another style to your outdoor space.

Long Infinity Pool

natural swimming pool design 8-min

Another natural swimming pool design with the 2-in-1 layout which is worth to add to your inspiration list. It’s built in a long design with the L-shape deck which makes it look so joyful.

Lap Pool

natural swimming pool design 9-min

Do you love laps swimming? Well, this natural swimming pool design is a good inspiration that you can try to build.

Moreover, it’s also a nice design for you who have a limited space in your backyard.

Up-ground Style

The gorgeous natural swimming pool design which is built in an up-ground style. It has some levels of shallow water for the plantations spot which makes it look so attractive.

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Garden Pool

natural swimming pool design 11-min

The spacious natural swimming pool design in a unique curvy shape which looks so mesmerizing. It blends the rocky and greeneries element very well.

Blend it with Patio

natural swimming pool design 12-min

Combining the patio with natural swimming pool surely sounds really tempting. Here, the small patio with cozy seating is built close to a big natural swimming pool which makes the look so awesome.

Add a Huge Plants Area

natural swimming pool design 13-min

This one is a natural swimming pool with a big geometric plants area on its center. By such decoration, the pool look ultimately natural which feels so refreshing to enjoy.

Make it Small

natural swimming pool design 14-min

The playful natural swimming pool design which you can build easily and cheaply. You may not be able to really swim in this kind of pool, but it’s still enjoyable to relax your body.

Small Up-ground Pool

natural swimming pool design 15-min


The up-ground natural swimming pool design which is so applicable to a narrow backyard. It has the leveling design with the gorgeous streaming water.

The pool is built alongside a patio with gravel base which makes it look so exhilarating.

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Keep it Simple

natural swimming pool design 16-min

You can always make a simple natural swimming pool design which is so easy to build. This one is a good inspiration that you can use to build such pool.

Lighten Pool

natural swimming pool design 17-min

The stunning natural swimming pool with the beautiful lighting feature which will make it look so attractive in the night. It’s decorated with the simple gravel and greeneries around.

Green Earthy Pool

This one is a greenish natural swimming pool with the superb natural decoration. One side of the pool is filled with aqua plantations which work as the decorative and maintenance section.

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Natural Swimming Pool Design-min

So those are some inspiring natural swimming pool design ideas which are really worth to be your ultimate reference. They are decorated beautifully, so besides its main function as the fun exhilarating spot, it can also enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

It’s never a bad idea to choose the natural swimming pool instead of the traditional one. The thing is, you may need to maintain it properly on a regular basis.

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