5+ Elegant Swimming Pool Enclosure with Stunning Design

Having a swimming pool, of course, you have already in serving the others equipment or accessories to make the pool more interesting. As well as for the swimming pool enclosure that has an important role in keeping the pool from any danger cause. The pool enclosure certainly can reduce the costs of maintaining the pool as you need such as chemical cleaning, falling leaves, and weather.

These reasons absolutely cause you to spend your time and money in cleaning the pool. But you don’t worry, the swimming pool enclosure can help you to solve the problem. Some pool enclosure ideas below can guide you to choose the best one.


Swimming Pool Enclosure Ideas

1. Pool Cover for In-ground Swimming Pool $9.986.00


swimming pool enclosure
credit: amazon

The first idea, we start with the luxurious cover that is good for a pool with 18′ x 35′ size. The cover comes with premium and luxurious style that give you a solution in transforming the outdoor pool into a great indoor pool. Made from high quality and supreme material, those are 2mm 6063 aluminum frame. 3mm polycarbonate and 100 % virgin bayer material that enables holding the canopy withstand 900 kg and up to 15 years in use. The cover also can protect form the UV rays so that you are enjoying to swim while getting the sunlight. You do not worry about the installation and the maintenance because it has completed by retractable design that gives you a space to maintain it free. With the rectangle shape, actually, sustains to ease in keeping and cleaning the cover.


The Specification


 Outer Size  42.87′ x 20.29’x 5.81′
 Inner Size  35.43′ x 18.3′ x 4.93′
 Weight  792.5 kg
 Package Box Size  11.35′ x 5.19′ x 2.49′
 Material  Aluminum, Polycarbonate  panels
 Color  White


Furthermore, there are some benefits when you are using this cover, they are;

  1. Reduce the retain heat and heat loss
  2. Reduce your pool from the insect, animals, and debris
  3. Free the water from the chemicals
  4. Restrain the pool as the private thing


2. Low-Level Swimming Pool Enclosure $5.605

swimming pool enclosure
credit: ebay

This cover is different from the first one. It comes with the flexible usage where you can open and close the cover if you want. The cover is completed by removable front panels that can you use in any situation. Coming with smooth curves and round shape actually adds the perfect of the cover. It comes with dark gray and silver color which is available in 3 different sizes – 8m x 4m, 6m x 3m.  Furthermore, the back and front panels can be set with screws and it is better for you to use the removable panels when the enclosure can’t be slid out of the pool fully.

For installing this enclosure, certainly, you must have the big space because it must be provided a side entrance and the roofings. With the removable panels, it is completed by the lockable and non-lockable stoppers that can be used to open or close positions. The enclosure is made from the Albixon Polymer pools coming from the United Kingdom. You just spend your money about $5.605 that can you purchase in available store.


3. Mars Pool Enclosure


swimming pool enclosure
credit: mypooldirect

This type of enclosure comes with the low level of pool enclosure where it is provided the small space just covering the pool. It is completed by sophisticated modern lines that can be able to protect the garden and the park view from the pool. For entering into the swimming pool, you just slide the top enclosure as the door. For easier access, sliding it with fully extended pulling is very recommended. The dimensions of pool enclosure include 3.00 – 6.00m width, 0.48 – 1.19m height and a customizable length. The features include side entry, easily lockable handle, lockable handle, solar panel, and motorized unit with a variety of color provided.


4. Klasik Pool Enclosure $5,236


swimming pool enclosure
credit: mypooldirect

Coming with classic and arch style sustain the pool enclosure fitted to the most pools design. There are 3 available standard sizes – 10m x 5m – 8m x 4m – 6m x 3m and can also make any size up to 9m in width if possible. The enclosure is made from the strong aluminum structure which can withstand for the all season such as windy, snowy and rainy. It offers 2 colors with dark gray and silver but you can choose any color when you order the Custom Pool Building too. This enclosure has some great features that support the performance of the enclosure, they are a side entry, lockable handle, solar panel and motorized unit.


There are some advantages if you’re using this one


  1. Simple to move that can push and pull with one hand
  2. Locked independently
  3. Keeping the pool from animals, debris and children safety
  4. With the low height, it makes it easier in keeping clean and maintaining

5. Marina High-Level Telescopic Pool Enclosure

swimming pool enclosure
credit: mypooldirect

Marina enclosure is well-known as the high-level pool enclosure that has big space to allow the chairs, tables, and people to walk underneath the enclosure. It comes with the great features for outdoor module including the side entry, lockable handle, easy lockable handle solar panel and motorized unit.  There are some available colors provided, for the frame (white, silver, beige, bronze, cobalt, anthracite and wood imitation), for canopy (blue, smoke and transparent) and for sliding rails (beige, silver, and bronze). This one has 4.00 – 8.00 width, 2.08 – 2.84m height and a customizable length.


6. Remco Pool Enclosure


swimming pool enclosure
credit: remco

This one comes from Australia’s Swimming Pool Enclosure Manufacturer. It offers the great features and overplus if you choose this. The structures are changed the outdoor pool into an indoor pool with a variety of sizes. Remco enclosure certainly can keep the pool from any season staying fresh, clean, warm and great to use. Moreover, the enclosure can reduce the costs of maintaining the pool that often happens nowadays. The costs reserve to keep the pool caused by the falling leaves, debris, and dirt in the pool. With the lockable handle, it is useful for protecting the children with total safety. With applying the enclosure for your swimming pool, it can protect you from the UV rays that damage for us.

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