How to Get Rid of Worms in 5 Quick Steps | Easy Home Tutorial

Worms are gross for sure and seeing them swimming around your pool is a complete nightmare. They are slimy and may contain harmful bacteria.

How to Get Rid of Worms

However, worms are actually good for the natural environment. They can do a very good job in fertilizing the soil so your plants and flowers can grow perfectly.

So, instead of killing them, you may just need to keep them away. Worms may work their way out of the soil underneath and crawl around, especially in spring and fall.

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Below, we have compiled some steps on how to get rid of worms that you can use as an ultimate reference.

How to Get Rid of Worms

How to Get Rid of Worms 1

Use Solar Cover

Though it can be quite tricky to put a solar cover on and off your swimming pool, it’s considered a good way to deal with your big worm problem. It will do a good job to prevent the worms from getting into your pool that can be so gross. 

Keep in mind to use your solar cover when the temperature is quite cooler around or when it’s about to rain heavily. You can find solar covers that can be used easily, so you can take them on and off without any hassle.

Do After-Rain Check

Worms tend to roam around here and there after the rain, so it would be best if you could spend some time inspecting the area around the pool to see whether there are some worms there. Clean the area of the pool if it’s necessary. If you find some worms, move them back to the grassy area.

Move the Natural Landscaping

Of course, decorating your swimming pool with some natural landscaping like plants and flowers is a great idea. However, with some natural elements around the pool, comes soil which the worms love dearly. 

To handle the situation, consider moving your natural landscaping around, at least, 20 feet away from your swimming pool. The further the natural landscaping is placed, the harder those worms can get into your pool (since they may be cooked by the sun already).

Add crushed limestone

Crushed limestone can raise the pH of the soil which those worms hate. Adding some around the perimeter of your swimming pools’ concrete is good to keep them away. 

However, crushed limestone can get easily washed away when it rains heavily which can affect the water chemistry and coat your filter. You need to test the water of your pool regularly if you choose this option.

Try an Insecticide

If you have done everything but the worms still come around, the very last option is to try an insecticide. Keep in mind that this is only the last method since it’s actually not that recommended.

You can spray the natural landscaping or any areas with soil around your swimming pool. It will not only kill the worms but the bugs that can actually be beneficial for your natural elements.

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