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How to Choose Litter Box that Suits Your Beloved Cats Best

By Edward •  Updated: 01/14/22 •  3 min read

As soon as you decide to adopt a cat, the very next thing that you need to keep in mind is to buy a litter box. You don’t want your cat to poop and pee here and there, right?

How to Choose Litter Box

It’s important to choose a litter box that suits your cats well. They will not want to use the litter box if it’s too small or inconvenient to use.

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Therefore, it’s a very wise idea to think about some factors to get the best litter box for your beloved furry ball. Below, we have a simple guide on how to choose litter box that you can use as a reference.

How to Choose Litter Box

Choose the width

The very first step is to choose the size of the litter box which is the most important thing to consider. You have to make sure that the litter box is large enough for your cat to move comfortably and dig around freely. 

The rule of thumb is to choose a litter box that is as long as the cat (from nose to tail) and not any smaller. Keep in mind that cats don’t like to step on their deposits, so the space should allow them to do so.

Choose the height

The height of the litter box is determined by the behavior of your cats, here’s what you can consider:

Choose the type

When it comes to litter boxes, there are two types that you can consider which are covered and uncovered. Again, the choice actually depends on your cats’ behavior and what they prefer. 

The covered litter box is good in controlling odor while the uncovered one is easier to use. Just make sure that you pick the covered litter box with convenient entry and if the cat develops arthritis or asthma, change the litter box to the uncovered one immediately.

So, the main reference to choosing the best litter box for your cat is to see how your cats behave daily. In general, as long as the litter box is large enough for the cats to move and dig around comfortably, they will love it.