The Affordable 4 Person Hot Tub For Your Great Relaxing Time

4 person spa feature

The size of a hot tub is one of the most important considerations when you are going to purchase one. If you use it for a family use, of course, a small hot tub which can fit up 3 people is not your best choice. Then the bigger one which at least can occupy 4 adults comfortably seems like a good idea. Imagine you sit comfortable while enjoying the hot tub’s jets and watching your children splashing the water. The medium size hot tub is also a good choice to have a spa moment with your friends in your backyard.

You will find numbers of 4 person hot tubs in the market which have various features. They also come with different prices which make you need to do a deeper research to find the affordable 4 person hot tub prices yet still offer great spa performance.

High-end brands like Hotspring Spas to more budget-friendly like Lifesmart have their own 4 person hot tub model which is ready to own. But the main need when you buy a 4 person hot tub is the size, how the tub can occupy you and your children comfortably, then you may consider the hydrotherapy performance, so the bells and whistles are not your main intention.

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Here, we have 5 affordable 4 person hot tub prices which really worth to buy and put in your backyard. Choose the one which suits your needs, like the design, jet numbers, or energy efficiency feature.


The Affordable 4 Person Hot Tub Prices


Celestial Spas Hydra Spa (Price $2,999)

4 person hot tub price celestial
credit: BJ’s Wholesale Club

This hot tub is manufactured by Celestial Seasonings, and it’s a roto-molded spa.  The size is well-used for 4 adults, but you can actually invite another one inside. Due to its roto plastic material, this hot tub is lightweight, so it is easy to place indoor and outdoor. It is also a plug and play model which doesn’t require any special electrical requirements to install. The tub is foam insulated to lock the heat longer and save the energy cost. For maximum relaxation, there are 11 hydrotherapy jets available for you.


Seating capacity4 to 5 adults
Dimension 70 x 29 (Diameter x Depth)
Dry weight310 lbs
Filled weight2061 lbs
Water capacity222 gallons
Jet numbers11
Heater1kW/4kW Balboa All-Season stainless steel heater
Maximum temperature104 degrees F
Voltage110 Volts / 20 Amp
Pump 2 Speed 1-2 HP
Lighting Underwater LED Light


Durasport Cyprus Hot Tub (Price $3,200)

4 person hot tub prices durasport
credit: Swimtown Pool Supplies

Cyprus can fit 3 to 4 adult and comes with 14 stainless steel jets. It has one ergonomic lounger which is a good feature to relieve your back pain. Same like Hydra Spa, it is also kind of rotationally molded spa, but with a more attractive design. All the roto spas are known for its sturdy and durable construction. The installation is also similar, with its plug and play feature. The size may be a little but smaller than Hydra, but you will get more jet numbers and more attractive roto hot tub.


Seating capacity3 to 4 adults
Dimension 71 x 61 x 29 inches
Shell Resin
Dry weight318 lbs
Filled weight2046 lbs
Water capacity216 gallons
Jet numbers14 black stainless steel jets
Maximum temperature104 degrees F
Voltage110 Volts / 20 Amp
Pump 2 speed 2.0 HP
Lighting Underwater LED Light and Waterfall Light


Lifesmart Antigua DLX (Price $3,143)

4 person hot tub price antigua
credit: Lifesmart Products

This hot tub comes from the brand which is popular in producing sturdy yet affordable hot tub. The Arctic White Color Rocksolid shell is durable for a lifetime use, and it’s easy to install with its plug and play feature.  There are 19 therapy jets and 1 waterfall jet to give you the relaxing spa experience. It is comfortable to use for 4 people, but adding another member will not make any problem. To save the energy cost better, the Eco Smart Technology is provided.


Seating capacity4 to 5 adults
Dimension 75 x 75 x 34 inches
Shell Rocksolid Shell
Dry weight395 lbs
Filled weight2246 lbs
Water capacity250 gallons
Jet numbers24 jets
Maximum temperature104 degrees F
Voltage110 Volts / 20 Amp
Pump 2 speed 1.5 HP


Nordic Retreat Hot Tub (Price $3,699)

4 person hot tub prices nordic
credit: Snyder Pools

This is the most popular model from Nordic Hot Tubs which looks so attractive as your backyard’s asset. There are 6 adjustable jets and other 18 jets which will relieve your stiff muscle. The versatile bench is also provided to give you a head to toe massage.


Seating capacity4 to 5 adults
Dimension70 x 34 inches
Dry weight395 pounds
Water capacity250 gallons
Filled weight2146 lbs
Water capacity300 gallons
Jet numbers19 therapy jets + 1 waterfall jet
Maximum temperature104 degrees F
Voltage110 Volts / 20 Amp
Pump 2 speed 2.0 HP
Lighting Foot Well LED


Freeflow Azure Hot Tub (Price $4,241)

4 person hot tub price azure
credit: Pool World

This model is kind of a high end hot tub which is offered in reasonable price. Azure is the most popular model from Freeflow Spas with powerful 19 jets. The hot tub’s size is very spacious, providing comfortable therapeutic moment. Made from RockSolid material, it is such a durable hot tub which doesn’t care about any sever weather condition. The serene waterfall and LED underwater lights beautify the look of the hot tub. There is also a lounge seat for your finest hydrotherapy sensation.


Seating capacity3 to 4 adults
Dimension 81 x 62 x 33 inches
Shell Rocksolid Shell
Dry weight330 lbs
Filled weight3119 lbs
Water capacity235 gallons
Jet numbers19 jets
Maximum temperature104 degrees F
Voltage110 Volts / 20 Amp
Pump 2 speed 1.5 HP
Lighting Light Mood Lenses


Hot tub’s capacity is an important matter in choosing the proper hot tub. Those 5 hot tub models which become our recommendation has different features, you can choose the one which really suits your need. The more jet numbers inside the hot tub determine the satisfaction of the therapeutic sensation that you will get. So, choosing a model wich has more jet number is a wise choice to pamper yourself, but they also come at the higher price.

If you are considering to buy the lowest models, the roto-molded hot tub is not a bad idea. This kind of hot tub is more practical in use due to its lightweight and durable material. You can place it indoor and outdoor easily. However, roto hot tub’s look is less attractive than the acrylic ones.

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