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When it comes to building a kitchen, the cabinet will always be the first thing to keep in mind. It’s like the king of the kitchen, which is like the biggest investment of the room, or even the entire house.

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet

Of course, the main function of a kitchen cabinet is to store and organize your stuff, without a cabinet, you can’t keep everything neatly. You need to refer to how much kitchen stuff that you have, so the cabinet can properly occupy everything.

As the biggest part of the room, a cabinet is surely the main focal point which catches everyone’s attention. Therefore, it has to be the one that enhances the beauty of the room.

Choosing the cabinet that is perfect for your kitchen can be a challenging job. As mentioned above, the cabinet should fulfill both the look and function. You may already have a cute kitchen cabinet in your shopping cart, but it may not really handle your stuff properly.

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To narrow down your choice, we share some simple steps on how to choose a kitchen cabinet that will ease the job.

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How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet

There are so many considerations that you have to keep in mind in choosing the right cabinet. The material, design, size, and, eventually, your budget are some points here.


How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet 1

As you may have known, solid wood is still the most popular option for kitchen cabinets. The reasons why wood is loved by most homeowners are mainly about the attractive appeal, variety, and affordability. But for you who want to go more distinctive, stainless steel, metal, and melamine are some alternative options.

Door style

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet 2

The door is the most visible part of a kitchen cabinet that mostly determines its overall look. There are some popular door styles that you can consider like the raised arch, slab, and recessed square. Refer to how you want your kitchen to look like or the decorating style of the kitchen if you already have one in mind.


How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet 3

You can either keep the natural look of the wood kitchen cabinet if you want a more earthy nuance in the room’s decor. The other options are distressed, glazed, and cracked.


How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet 4

Hardware here means the knobs and pulls, they don’t only support the function of the cabinet, but also dress it up at the same time and even style up the decor of the room. Again, choose the ones which suit the design of the cabinet and decorating style of the room.


How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet 5

The last step is to take a step back and see how many appliances and utensils that you have and decide the size of kitchen cabinet that you actually need. If you have a small kitchen yet a lot of things to store, your cabinet may not be able to do the job alone. You may need additional storage like hanging or floating shelves.

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