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It’s safe to say that the dining table is actually the heart of your home where you can spend the ultimate quality time with all family members. Dining table is not only the spot to enjoy your meal but you can finish your work, browse some news, or even doing some handcraft.

how to choose dining table

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right dining room which can provide great comfort for everyone, so you can have good times every day. It should be able to turn the room into an inviting dining space.

Of course, as the main focal point of the room, a dining table should also work to enhance the beauty of the decor. Choosing the one which can give another attractive touch around is surely a must.

In this article, we have a simple guide on how to choose dining table which can ease the job which can be quite challenging since there are tons of offers available in the market that may or may not suit your need.

How to Choose Dining Table

how to choose dining table 1

Yes, some dining tables may not really suit you and there are some considerations that you can keep in mind. The size, material, and design are some key factors that will lead you to choose the right table for your beloved dining room.

Measure what you need

The very first step that you have to do is to determine the size of the table. The dining table with the right size will provide great usability and suitability. Ideally, each person needs 24 inches in length with 12 inches distance. To avoid the room feel stuffy, make sure there are at least 42 inches of space between the dining table and wall or another piece of furniture.

Visualize the layout

Still related to the measurement, you can try to visualize how the table will sit inside your dining room. Determine the position of the table and once you get it right, use the masking tape to mark the area where the table will go. The point is, you don’t want to make the dining table overly dominate the room, especially when you have limited space and other pieces of furniture around.

Choose the shape

Commonly, there are four shapes of dining tables which are rectangular, square, round, and oval. Consider these thoughts:

  • Go with a rectangular table if you have a long narrow dining room and casually host a family gathering.
  • Square dining table is good for a small dining room if you want the one with a clean-lined look.
  • Round and oval dining room is also a space-saving option but it tends to give a more ttraditional touch to the room’s decor.

Pick the right material

When it comes to the materials, it actually depends on your taste, budget, and willingness to maintain them. The common materials used to build a dining table are solid wood, reclaimed wood, glass, metal, laminate, and stones. Each one of them has pros and cons that you may need to research before deciding to pick one.

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