How to Pick the Right Dining Chair Size and Style

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Picking the right dining chair size and style is not as straightforward as it may seem. The most common way to accomplish this task is to go into the local furniture retail store and buy the first set that catches your eye, even if it is imperfect.

That is the thing, though. You do not have to settle for less than perfect because the table and dining rooms chairs are yours. So, the best way to get the ideal combination is to go out and buy the table that you want, and then take a few measurements, do a little brainstorming, and get searching for the set of chairs that will truly make the set a unique reflection of you and your specific style and taste.

Below are a few guidelines you should follow that will help you get from point A to point B without getting lost in the retail sales shuffle in between, so let’s get right to it.

Measure Dining Chair Height From Seat To Table

One of the most important measurements you must consider is the chair’s height from the top of the seat to the bottom edge of the table. You want 12 inches of space in between so you, your family, and your friends have plenty of room to scoot in while eating. If the table is ornamentally carved and has low overhanging edges, make sure you allow for them if they are in the way of the chairs. You need to measure from the lowest spot of the bottom edge of the table to the highest edge of the top of the seat of the dining chairs.

Dining Room Chair Arms Should Not Touch Bottom Of Dining Table

Another aspect of the height you will need to watch out for on some modern dining chairs is the height of the arms. They can make the chair much more comfortable when sitting in them for more extended periods of time, such as for groups of people that sit at the table for more than eating, such as completing school work or having family night. But nothing is more annoying than trying to slide in under the table and getting the arm of the chair caught on the edge of the table. If you are planning to have arms on the chairs you plan to buy, take some measurements and check to make sure that they clear the bottom of the table without any issues. Once again, take a measurement from the lowest point of the bottom of the table and the highest point of the arm of the chair.

Comfort And Style Of The Dining Room Chair

Black chairs always seem to be in style, but that does not mean they are for everyone. Bright and bold colors have also been trending in the interior designing world, which means that the only limit to the style, design, and color of your dining room chairs is set by you. Keep in mind, though, that just because a chair looks awesome, it does not mean that it is usable. If you like wood chairs, that is great, but do not forget that wood is not the most comfortable material, so you may want to opt for a sculpted wood chair with some cloth cushions that have been sewn into place. Do not let your emotions completely make your buying decisions because it will cause some regret later. Let your creative design flow, but use deductive reasoning before purchasing anything.

Final Thoughts On Picking Dining Room Chair Size And Style

Ultimately, the final decision on style and size will be up to you. If your family is on the go and barely has time to sit down to a meal together, the table and chairs may be more of a showpiece than a dining piece. In that case, you would want something completely different, so the thought process going into the purchase would be different than if you were looking for a more usable set than an antique one.

That is why it is so important to take the time to actually figure out what you need before you go shopping and then follow the plan that you have set out without letting any salespeople or sales brochures sway you in any other direction.

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