Reasons why you need a pergola in your yard

Reasons why you need a pergola in your yard

Every person wishes to have a beautiful yard. Flowers, trees, shrubs, and bushes alone are not enough to create such beauty. If you have a large backyard, you might require more accessories for it to look appealing. One of the structures that most people are using to enhance the appearance of their gardens or yards is outdoor pergolas.

 What is a pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure, made to provide shelter. The structure is built with no walls to ensure that it has enough light and air. In most cases, a pergola is freestanding, but it can also be attached to another structure. Given that it is a simple structure, you might not have to spend much on constructing r buying one.

Here are some of the reasons why you need a pergola in your yard.

You can change its design

A pergola is one of the amazing design elements that you can play around with to create an amazing feature for your yard. The structure would look amazing if you have flowers and vines growing on the posts of the pergola. If you want to make this design more appealing, you can choose the color of flowers you want growing on the posts. The lest colors you use, the classy the pergola will look. Using multiple colors will only make it look crowded. However, the choice of floral and vines depends on your preferences.

Besides, you can create a romantic effect on the pergola by using an all-weather fabric. It is important to ensure that any weather won’t damage the fabric to avoid changing it from time to time. The fabric can be put across the vertical posts. If you do not prefer to have an open patio in your yard, using fabric to partly cover the sides would be a great idea. The pergola will not only look beautiful but will provide you with some level of security.

Maximum use of space

A pergola is portable. If you do not like its location in your yard, you can easily move it to an area that pleases you. The pergola allows you to maximize the use of your outdoor space since you can add furniture to it. In the absence of the structure, you might not prefer to have the furniture seating out in the open. Therefore, a pergola will provide you with extra space to decorate. Imagine how amazing the outdoor space would look if properly decorated. Whenever you have visitors during the warm weather, you might not have to take them indoors.

In the case where the pergola is attached to one side of your house, you will have a nice space to relax. Such a space has been shielded from strong winds, rain, and the sun. This space could have been a waste, but once you have built a pergola next to it, it will have become very useful. You can relax in that space while reading a book or a magazine. It is the best space to unwind while taking a cold drink during the hot weather or sip hot tea when it’s chilly.

You can determine its size.

One of the advantages of a pergola over a patio is that you get to decide the amount of shade or sun it provides. This depends on the location where you want to place the pergola as well as the season. Once you have identified the exact location, you can decide how to place the rafters. All you need to do is vary the spacing, size, and orientation of the pergolas to dictate the amount of sun it allows in. if you choose to buy a ready-made pergola, it does not mean you can’t dictate these factors. You only need to buy one that suits your preferences. The pergolas come in different sizes and designs, and therefore, it will not be difficult to choose one that most suits your taste.

Easy to make and install

If you prefer to make your pergola, you only need to have the right tools and help in lifting the vertical posts. The best part about pergolas is that most landscaping companies will help you make one that suits your preferences. People have different tastes and therefore, what one person finds attractive might not please you. Fortunately, you can have one custom made for you. Also, you can scroll through various outdoor pergolas, and you can be assured to find a design that pleases you. If you do not find your dream pergola, then the chances are high that you will find something better or close to what you have been looking for.

Pergolas require minimal maintenance and therefore, are a perfect accessory to add beauty to your yard. You will not only have a beautiful piece in your yard but will also have a space to entertain your guests.

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