5 Design Tips for Small Space-Efficient Kitchens

Looking for some tips on styling and organizing your kitchen with limited space? Not everyone has a massive kitchen with counter space for every appliance, and cupboards for every plate and bowl. Here’s some design tips to get the most out of your small, space efficient kitchens.

  1. Shelves, shelves, shelves

If you’ve got any open walls in your kitchen, consider a quick and affordable DIY project like adding a handful of shelves to the wall. This added space will be great storage for your plates, bowls and pots, or food. To keep things stylish, consider mason jars or another container for food, though.

There are so many style choices to make for shelves, and they can fit in any space so regardless of how much space you have, you can find a solution. Styles right now are clean, minimalist and nordic, so bare wood and white is a good place to start, and it’s also conveniently cheap and easy. To add a little green accent, some trailing plants look great on higher shelves that reach towards the floor.

2. Add Some Counter Space

This may not work for every space, but there are some great folding counter additions to consider adding to your counter space. If you’ve got leftover material from your kitchen reno, this is a great use for it. Or, a nice wood butcher block look adds a great wood accent and also functions as a cutting board. Either way this is a cheap and relatively easy DIY solution adding some functional design to your small kitchen.

3. Downsize and Think Multi-Purpose

Photo by Fred Kleber on Unsplash

If you’ve got a lot of kitchen appliances taking space on your counter or in your cupboards, it may be the right time to reduce the number of appliances you’ve got, and be more selective about the ones you buy. An example is whatever your coffee making routine is. Do you have a big, clunky coffee maker on the counter? Maybe it’s time to invest in some chic, small footprint brewing equipment like a french press or a pour over coffee maker. Perhaps you can find a multi-purpose blender like Ninja that is also a food processor and spiralizer, and get rid of those single-use appliances taking up space in the cupboard.

4. Hang Some Hooks

This is a similar solution to shelves, and can also be paired in with shelves! Hanging some tasteful looking hooks under your recently installed shelves (or elsewhere in your kitchen) opens some valuable vertical real estate for your pots, pans, coffee mugs and wine glasses to live in, opening up counter space and cupboard room. Similar to shelves, there are hundreds of beautiful styles of hook to consider and fit in any design, if you want to find something to fit into your current design, or if you’re revamping completely.

5. Hire a Professional Organizer/Designer

This should maybe be a last resort solution, but if you want some help to make the most of your small space, why not seek help from someone who does this for a living? Professional organizers, made popular by the Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, show you that there is much more to organizing a space (especially a small one) while keeping it design-oriented and tasteful. If design and kitchen organization isn’t your strong suit and you don’t have experience doing it, consider asking for help!

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