9 Countertop Installation Tips

Quartz is by far one of the best choices that you can make for your kitchen. Quartz is the most durable countertop and can stand up to scratches, dents, heat, and chipping. More and more people are choosing quartz because of the high versatility and beautiful designs.

Quartz countertops can give your kitchen that glossy and modern look that you have always wanted. For quartz to be long-lasting, some special installation tips should be followed. Check out these guidelines below.

Get your space ready

Some things will need to be done before new counters are set in. Cabinets are the main thing. After cabinets, electrical and plumbing work should be finished. Your contractor or installer should be able to advise you on the process.

All walls should be painted and completely dried. Floors in the kitchen should also be done and all appliances should be ready to be installed. Some appliances can be installed or changed after the fact; it just depends on your space.

Again, a good contractor will let you know the best advice. Once all these things are done, an accurate template can be seen for how many countertop slabs you may need.

Finish the template

Now that the template is ready, make sure to complete it. Some people may think that a template is just a drawing, but it is a little more physical than that. Strips of wood are usually taken, glued together, and laid around the perimeters of the counter area.

If you plan on getting a backsplash or new edging, let the contractor know. This will help them know what to expect and what to plan for. The sink size and cutout are also especially important.

This physical template done professionally is much more accurate than just giving your numbers to the contractor.

Know all the details

Pick your color and design for the counters. Knowing your kitchen design and cabinet color before picking the counters is crucial. For a luxurious kitchen, you will want it to follow a certain pattern or theme.

Consider taking samples home and laying them out in the kitchen. This can help you see what it looks like in your home.

Proper hardware is also important for new counters. You will need a new faucet and new fixtures for the cabinets. Once you have a color palette or theme in mind, try to match your hardware. You can also use the hardware as an accent if you do not want it to match exactly.

You can also choose this time to pick your kitchen décor. This can include new light fixtures, paintings, or window decorations.

Call a plumber

You will get a new sink when you get the new counters, so a plumber is necessary. They will help you pick the correct sink size and shape. Certain counters will need a certain sink shape, so keep this in mind.

The plumber may also have to use epoxy to seal the sink and undermount it to the quartz. The epoxy will need to dry and cure before the sink installation can be finished, so the plumber will probably have to come on two different days.

They will attach the waste pipe and the rest of the plumbing after the curing is done. This will need to be done the day after the counters are installed. Make sure the plumber covers the counters and all other surfaces while they are using the epoxy.

Keep appliances on hand

Whether you are keeping your old appliances or getting new ones, they will need to be moved and reinstalled. They are also crucial for creating the template.

Having them physically in the home will let the contractor see the size and how much space they will take between the counters. The sink will be installed the same day as the countertops, so you need to have it ready.

Having all the appliances will make sure the countertops look flawless.

Keep the cabinets safe

If cabinets are not protected, the counters can damage them when being installed. Good contractors will know this and should cover the cabinets without you having to ask. A strip of painter’s tape can be put on the cabinets.

This makes sure that no adhesive will drip onto the cabinets. Keep the cabinets covered until all the installation is done.

Clean the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen before installation may seem odd but it is necessary. Dust and other dirt can fall during installation and get stuck in the adhesive on the new counters. Clean out all your cabinets before the counters come.

Dust and debris can also get on objects in the kitchen and ruin them or make for an intensive clean-up later. Remove any décor, towels, or other items from the kitchen. This will keep them from getting stained or messed up.

Get supports

Quartz is very heavy. This is why contractors are needed, making quartz an ill-suited DIY project. Sometimes, plywood or backer board is put under the quartz to help your cabinets hold it better.

Contractors may also use steel plates and bolt them to the cabinet. If quartz is too heavy for your cabinets, they can sag or crack. This is why the best support is needed.

It’s also a good reason why cabinets need to be picked during quartz selection. Strong cabinets are needed to properly install quartz.

Choose good help

Since quartz can be heavy and difficult to install, try to find a contractor that has worked with quartz before. Since quartz is becoming more and more popular, most contractors should have worked with quartz on a previous project.

Also, look for a plumber that knows about quartz and good new sink options. You can check your local social media pages or ask friends if they have had any success in kitchen remodels when looking for a good company.

Hiring a good contractor can make or break your quartz installation experience.

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