25+ Most Creative DIY Christmas Dining Room Decoration Ideas To Try

Decorating your home sweet home for the Christmas day is surely a very fun thing to do. In fact, you can’t let the interior of your house looks the same as usual day when the joyful day is coming.

The dining room is one part of the house that you have to make more attractive this Christmas. It’s the place where the family members and friends will enjoy some tasty dinner, so you have to make it feel so exhilarating by adding some ornaments around the room.

You can decorate the dining table, chairs, walls, and ceiling of your dining room with lots of decor items that you love. It depends on your taste how you will style up your dining room with the Christmas theme this year.

For sure, you can always purchase some catchy ornaments or decoration to decorate your dining room, but you may end up buying some pricey products with poor quality which doesn’t suit your needs. Therefore, making some beautiful stuff to enhance the attractiveness of your living room this Christmas is a much better idea to do.

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Here, we have picked tons of mesmerizing DIY Christmas dining room decoration ideas which will totally inspire you. They are created by some creative homeowners to decorate a dining room with Christmas theme with a low budget.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of DIY Dining Room Decoration Ideas!

Best DIY Christmas Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Colorfully Rustic

diy christmas dining room 1

A catchy DIY Christmas dining room decoration which will add a rustic yet colorful touch to your table. A long red tablecloth and a wood tray filled with pine leaf and ornament decorate the table in a very beautiful way.

Pine Leaf Chandelier

diy christmas dining room 2

If you have a chandelier above your dining table, you can stack some pine leaf on it. It will surely make it look way more attractive during the Christmas day.

Greenish Room

diy christmas dining room 3

Here, pine leaf takes over the room which creates a gorgeous greenish overall look. Pine leaf candle base, garland, wall arts and even some small Christmas trees make the room look so colorful naturally.

Striking Wall Arts

diy christmas dining room 4

Some wreaths made of twigs and leaves are hung from a long twig which becomes one of the main focal points of the room. The wall art looks distinctively attractive and complements the wooden furniture very well.

String Light Accent

diy christmas dining room 5

A chic vintage string light and greeneries decorate the ceiling of this dining room. It will make the room looks sparkling and brighten it up on the Christmas eve.

Hanging White Fabric

diy christmas dining room 6

This one is a unique DIY Christmas dining room decoration which uses the white fabric above the table. The fabric covers the lighting fixture so when the light is on it will look so mesmerizing. Some greeneries are attached to the fabric which add a nice color touch.

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Fun Starry Garland

diy christmas dining room 7

A unique DIY Christmas dining room decoration which is made of the steel frame and lots of ornaments to become a fun garland. A string light even completes it so it will lighten up the dining table and creates a very exhilarating vibe around.

Elegantly Sparkling Garland

diy christmas dining room 8

An easy garland which is made of the string light and Christmas ornaments that you can make at home cheaply. It gives a very warming light to the dining room and also makes the decor look way more attractive.

Earthy Candle Decoration

diy christmas dining room 9

A beautiful DIY Christmas dining room decoration to lighten and warm your dining table. The materials that you need to prepare are two pieces of round timber in different sizes, baubles, pine cone and leaf, wood star, and some candles. It has a nice color combination which is inspired by mother nature.

Classy Christmas Decor

diy christmas dining room 10

Here, the snowy small Christmas trees with decorative ornament as its base enhance the beauty of the dining table. Above the table, three crystal chandeliers bring the style of the room to the next level. Then, lots of snowy pine leaf decorate the wood frame which secures the chandeliers gorgeously.

Repurposed Door

diy christmas dining room 11

If you have an old door, you can turn it into a unique wall art just like this idea shows. You just need to give it a catchy color and decorate it with some ornaments. This kind of decor item will surely catch every guest’s attention.

Earthy Table Centerpiece

diy christmas dining room 12

A beautiful dining table decor item that which is simply made of some pine leaf, holly fruit, wood log, and candles. It will give a nice natural and rustic touch to your dining room decor.

Natural Red Decor


Prepare some tall transparent glasses and fill them with tons of red holly fruits to create this admirable DIY Christmas dining room decoration. To complement the red glasses, decorate the table with pine leaf and cone. It’s such an easy inspiration that will make your dining table look vibrantly mesmerizing.

Colorful Earthy Centerpiece

diy christmas dining room 13

A colorful DIY Christmas dining room decoration which is so worth to add to your table centerpiece inspiration list. You just need to prepare a lot of pine leaves, red baubles, pine cones, and tealight candles with the holders. It’s an easy and cheap centerpiece which is so tempting to make.

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Sparkling Bottles


An easy DIY Christmas dining room decoration which will add a unique touch to your dining table. The materials that you need are a wood tray, transparent tables, stringlight, and greeneries. You can surely make it in no time without costing you a lot.

Colorful Mason Jars

diy christmas dining room 15

Prepare some mason jars in various sizes and fill them with faux snow, holly fruits, pine leaf, and candle. They look so adorable to colorize and lighten your dining table in a unique way.

Decorative Lazy Susan

diy christmas dining room 16

Turn your lazy susan into a beautiful centerpiece by adding some Christmas ornaments, pine leaf, and pine cone. It’s such an effortless decor item to decorate your dining table.

Colorful Christmas Chandelier

diy christmas dining room 17

Another easy way to decorate your dining room’s chandelier that you can try this Christmas. The pine leaf and holly fruits are placed on the chandelier and some baubles in various colors are hung which makes it look so admirable.

Hanging Christmas Tree

diy christmas dining room 18

A very attractive DIY Christmas dining room decoration which will be the focal point of the room’s decor. You will need to hang a strong long twig and arrange lots of pine leaf so it looks like a hanging Christmas tree. Gives the tree some chic ornaments to make it even catchier.

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Starry Dining Room

diy christmas dining room 19

Some gorgeous stars decorate this dining room beautifully. You can make this kind of decor items by using craft paper, wire, and fishline easily. Hang the stars in some corners of your dining room which will beautify and give the fun atmosphere around.

Watery Candle Holder

diy christmas dining room 20

An effortless DIY Christmas dining room decoration which uses easily-available and cheap materials. You just need to have some transparent bottles, candles, and greeneries. You can make it in no time for sure.

Decorative Cupboard

diy christmas dining room 21

Besides the table, another furniture that you can decorate in your dining room is the cupboard. Here, some pine leaf, pine cone, and ornaments decorate the top of the cupboard which makes it look more decorative.

Farmhouse Christmas Decor

diy christmas dining room 22

This idea shows a set of decor items which give the dining room a nice farmhouse style with Christmas theme. The small Christmas trees with rustic iron baskets are made as the centerpiece of the table, huge wall art with Christmas quite made of panel decorate the corner of the room alongside those small wood logs and vintage mirror.

DIY Christmas Dining Room decoration-min

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Well, those are the best DIY dining room decoration ideas that we have picked especially just for you. The way those ideas turn things into some surprising decor items is totally inspiring to copy. 

Decorating your dining room with the repurposed stuff is not a bad idea at all. You can have a dining room decoration which looks more distinctive that usual since you make it all by yourself. Plus, you can save a lot of money by making the decor items by using cheap and easily-available materials than purchasing some from the store.

Pick the best DIY dining room decoration that you really love which suits your needs and taste really well. Keep in mind to blend the decor with all the elements of the room so you won’t end up having a decoration which doesn’t look and feel inviting.

Also, don’t forget to wear some basic safety gears like eye goggle or hand gloves since the projects may involve dangerous sharp object. It’s important to always stay safe during the execution.

So, happy decorating your dining room with your own DIY dining room decoration!

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